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General Thoughts And Feedback


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This is a list of my general thoughts and feedback. There are multiple areas this will touch on, but I don't feel that this warrants multiple topics being created.

Some are re-hashes from previous topics created.... For some reason, I always seem to get the urge to post about this stuff on Friday afternoons...


I've italicized my points for the tl:dr audience.


Trophy Rooms and Honorable Mentions:

  Players have asked repeatedly for Firing Ranges, Combat Simulation Rooms, Mastery Testing Rooms, and Etc.... We got a Trophy Room.

This a Dojo addition in the game that 99% of the Clans playing will have no functional use for.

DE, consider adding Honorable Mentions Dojo Swag for your events. This, at least, give this room a purpose.


Dojo Re-design Functionality

  The obligation to have to wait to destroy/re-build things that's already been built, in order to accommodate things I'm obliged to add is needlessly inconvenient.

Please consider a new form of building format or adjust wait time when a room is being destroyed and rebuilt.

This is a needless layer of tedium to return builders on DE's part. One could conceivably argue that it's only purpose is to generate Platinum use.


The New Tenno Color Palette

  DE is generous to their players and that's the truth....

That said, the fact that this palette is only available via Platinum purchase leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

While this palette is an awesome idea... Why isn't it one that can be earned on the part of the players?

If a player has all of the slots and all of the frames, shouldn't they be given these colors until such time as they sell one of the represented frames?


Color Palette Order

  Please consider changing the color palette order to something consistent.

Arrange it alphabetically

Arrange it by Purchased/Acquired

The current arrangement basically pushes two of the more redundant palettes to the top of the list and, as someone who has purchased palettes, I find it annoying to have to scroll past palettes I neither have nor want to purchase

to get to palettes I have purchased. This is both needless and annoying.

Had I accidentally purchased one of these redundant palettes I would also find their placement predatory.



  DE does a great job putting these event on and the rewards for them are definitely worth the work.

That said, I'd like to see them devise a way to keep these event formats in the game on a more permanent basis. With reduced reward offerings to reduce the notion of exclusivity.


DE tends to reward for Events in bulk. Why not leave the event in as a permanent Mission Mode with a story intro and reward the mod-based items in singles as opposed to in bulk?


Doing so would:

add viable and unique content

remove some of the item exclusivity arguments that players tend to make.

Give players that couldn't take part in the event a chance to earn the bulk of what was missed out on immediately.



Feel free to post your own in this thread but keep them constructive.

Likewise, I would love to see DE weigh-in on this as well.

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