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Rubedo Skin And Iron Skin


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So I've had this idea, why not give the Rubedo Skin a interesting concept of changing the way Iron skin looks when you have the skin equipped?


When the skin is active, the Iron skin's original mesh gets replaced with the Rubedo Iron Skin mesh, causing the skin to look like the Rubedo material (Red Gem like).



Since Iron skin's overall design looks more metallic/Gem like than actual skin, why not give this a little bonus?

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I agree actually.

I don't even have the Rubedo skin (cause I don't like being just 1 color) but the iron skin for it SHOULD be red and shiny.


Not just for cosmetic reasons but because it just makes sense.


- normal rhino - metal skin

- fancy gold rhino prime - fancy gold prime skin

- red shiny rhino - ...no red shiny skin?


seems off.


Plus considering I'm sure DE is making money off this somehow, I'm sure they'd like to make even MORE, so why not make the offer more attractive with a new cosmetic effect on the iron skin? They'd probably make some Scrooge McDuck levels of cash.

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