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[Volumes] Regarding The New Infested Tile Ceilings (Images).


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I'm putting this in Art & Animation because it is not a bug with the Mission. It is a bug with the tile-set; and thus, an art asset.

Occasionally (read: disturbingly often) when resetting from a teleport volume the player will be placed into the ceiling of a room. As if the top portion of the blocking volume that prevents a player from physically entering the ceiling space counts as a "floor" that is valid for the player to be reset to.
The result is being trapped in the effects box just beyond the static meshs in the ceiling, and the polygon top of the room.

If I was allowed to, I would either [1] extend the blocking volume upwards beyond the polygon top, so that players can try to run off the side and try to reset themselves again According to Oxide012's video, that will not work, [2] find some way to occlude the top of the blocking volume as a valid floor, or [3] replace the blocking volume with a No Player volume to force a reset from either direction.



"Greetings from the backdrop!"




"Marvel as I pose in the space between the spaces!"



This also seems to happen randomly while playing for no accountable reason. Like punching an Ancient in the face, POOF! you fall through the floor, and POOF! you are now in the ceiling.





As always, have fun out there and be as kind to each other as you are mean to the enemies of the Tenno.

- holyicon



P.S. I will continue to edit this post with new images each time it happens.

"Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs..."

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Talk about Twilight Zone . . has your team ever lost a round when you get teleported into there


one of the incidents occurred when there was a slight bit of lag, and each of us was thrown out of the map. One was stuck in darkness, one got back into the map, and I was in the ceiling you see in the first two images. The player left in the map couldn't open a Co-Op door, so the mission was a scrub ><;;

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