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2 ways to play her now, imo. Short duration with Rank 0 Blessing, and spam Blessing whenever you or a teammate need a heal. Alternate Energy Vampire's every 3-4 Blessings and cast a short duration Link when you need the knockdown prevention. Or ditch Link and get even more effective health with QT and Flow.


The other way to play is bring QT/Flow, no health or shield mods, and build long duration as before. Nuke yourself with an AoE weapon until QT is activated, and press 4 for ~30 seconds of 99% damage reduction for your whole team. You can then hit Link, bringing you to 100% reduction, and build with Stretch, maybe even OE, and self nuke as before.




I guess it depends if you're willing to add some forma. 


Energy Siphon aura is mostly wasted, because you can get 88 energy restored at the push of a button. So I would forma to - and use Corrosive Projection, or Enemy Sense. While keeping the D polarity, you might consider Physique. It'll give your teammates a bit more health, thus giving you another split second in which to cast Blessing to save them.


Well of Life will be mostly useless, I doubt you will use it often. It's fun to combo with Energy Vampire to do some awesome ability damage, but it won't instantly kill armored units anymore :(.


I would replace it with Intensify, to make EV restore an extra 30 energy and thus allow for another Blessing between EV's. You could also replace it with Quick Thinking with some forma, once you get it, for a huge chunk of extra health. The final option I would lean towards is the use of Stretch, making EV restore energy in a larger radius (good for helping teammates) and making Link reach farther, good for increasing the usefulness of that ability.


I would keep Natural Talent; EV spam is much more fluid and given you may end up casting Link every 6 seconds it'll give you a nice chunk of effective playtime back.

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I keep blowing myself up with a Penta in one shot. Do I need flow?

Or do I need to mod my Penta inefficiently in order to Not die from one hit?




Neither, you need to stop blowing yourself up with your Penta.



A fully modded Penta can take out any frame in one shot. There's no surviving it. You can mod down, or just stop nuking yourself. I've found Shred to help a lot in preventing accidental self detonations if an enemy runs at me or a teammates steps in the way.

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