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market and weapon bug


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In the market, when you purchase the avatar pack with credits, it shows a correct purchase, but the avatar's dont display as pickable in the profile.

Bronco shotgun weapon (one handed shotty) , when applying stats to it , the increase clip size doesnt count .i have two points in clip size but when ingame only two bullets are in the clip like on the start, when there should be 4.


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the number in green is not meant to be the extra clip size you get, but the "new clipsize" which is still 2.0.

the increase is just very small (10 or 25 %) which 2.1 or 2.25. So you get a quarter ammo extra, which is under 1 so you dont get one at all.

but when doing the same thing with snipetron it gets extra bullets? thats why i was confused.. Shouldnt it be the same for both weapons?


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It seems like some weapons aren't meant to increase their clip. The Bronco and the Lex supposedly can't get more bullets. Another thread mentioned that even with all the clip upgrade slots used and a lot of clip size mods, either gun still has the same number of bullets.

Eventually it will be clarified if they can ever be expanded or if there is a different effect for those weapons when expanding the clip.

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