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  1. Nitain as a resource never exactly earned a proper place. Alertium was added from an event at first and then got the regular alerts because it was suddenly gone. It has been on alerts for a while and now the alerts are gone. We are stuck waiting for another event. Currently I count nightwave as an event. It isn't regular and once it becomes regular it still is a bit unappealing. Add on that you have to progress a good amount of nightwave rep to get your "creds" to buy the nitain or a nitain reward, and it is still a hassle. Grindable from one location isn't nice but might work out for some. Bringing back nitain alerts would be a better method. Or some proper method of getting nitain that doesn't include a part time event that gives oddly scheduled rewards.
  2. We use the same frame because we like it. We use the same frame because we only have three slots until we buy more. We use the same frame because we still need focus for the schools. We use the same frame because it is what we have leveld and because it works. Though you aren't just talking about people that use just one frame. You are also talking about how hordes of players stick to the same frame. Before levels got tougher than ember's world on fire, you would enter missions with three ember's all the time. You can find missions with a couple saryn's pretty frequently. You can group up with only chroma's and Rhinos all the time. Some frames truly are easier for masses of players to use and just stroll through everything. It might not hurt to find some features to encourage using alternative frames. A disposition that may leave a frame temporarily weakened is not a great idea. Maybe setting up some synergies. Something like Rhino can boost health and armor of several frames other than Rhino. Volt could improve melee speed and reload speed for several frames other than volts. (I dislike volt speed on all issues, but as a passive these bonuses would be nice) But lesser used frames could provide some other bonuses. Nyx could provide some absorption bonus where damage done provides additional protection against attacks for other frames. Ash could boost melee damage. There are probably a few options that could work well and would encourage people to stop overlapping frames. Of course there would have to be matchmaking options to limit getting duplicate frames in a mission.
  3. Still not sure if it is simultaneous defenses that give better rewards, or just defending all of them. A lot of people are making it to the challenge part of the operation without knowing exactly what is going on. Also got powers permanently shut off a couple times. Not even sure what causes it or if it was a bug. Also going to agree that the Hexanon is absolutely the worst as a reward. If it can drop from an enemy then it should not be a reward or even a placeholder on the endless tables. For example, we went quite a few rounds to do the 4k in one run. Four of the rewards were Hexanon. Got 4 6 and 4 from the rewards. Had picked up 214. We picked from enemies more than fifteen times the amount we got from rewards. It isn't a bonus or even a hint of useful amount extra at those rates. Either the materials aren't supposed to drop from enemies like that, or the reward table is extremely miserable right now.
  4. Most chat suspensions are automated. They might be able to log what was said, but they rarely have accidental chat bans. They have worked on the filters for a few years and are confident in the system. I have received one chat ban but it was quite a while ago as it was only an hour and not a day or longer. They changed policy since then and I believe the chat ban was because I had named one of the mission nodes while I was in region chat rather than in recruiting. It may have been silly, but as the real problems had not gotten out of control, it wasn't a long ban and I only felt inconvenienced for a few moments before I just played some more. As it is now though, most people know exactly what they were typing when they got banned. They just don't understand why a ridiculous copy paste of a bad tasteless joke gets them banned.
  5. Tossing on a little feedback. I saw a few people mentioning Nora's voice lines. They were kind of nice. That was a couple weeks ago. Now it's the same thing again and again. The first day of grinding and I get a bunch of them. Second day of grinding, get the rest. Then it's just when I finish a daily or capture some fugitives. It has already approached overplayed and yet we will keep getting the lines for quite a while. In the same way that you put in a volume for Ordis, in the same way that some people ask for a volume just for Lotus, in a few weeks we will probably have people asking for volume control for Nora. Next, alerts were a system of rewards available for all players. They could only see the alerts they could reach, but friends could help them get others. Now they get no rewards unless they do nightwave. Nightwave which has already had multiple objectives telling people they have to complete the star chart, finish all the quests, and go even farther because you are expected to attempt the hardest content or miss out on lots of points. That said, do all players see nightwave, and if they see nightwave, are any of the rewards and objectives concealed so that you don't dump spoilers on new players. The spoiler issue is not massive, but still, you are telling them about Clem, Lua, Kuva Fortress, Umbra, the Eidolons, the profit taker. Anything that is supposed to be figured out while playing is probably going to come up as an objective at some point. Most people that play for a while end up hearing about all of it at some point and yet there are still spoiler protections during the dev streams. If you are going to cover something up in the dev stream, you probably don't want to reveal it in the game unless the player is actually doing that content. Alerts were random and required patience or a tracker and the freedom to drop everything and play when something you wanted showed up. Nightwave lets you work towards stuff at any time during the event and then any leftovers will be tossed and you have to try again during the next event. Some people have already mentioned that you can't get as much. Some items are just going to be out of reach for a lot of players until you retune. Also as a couple of other players have mentioned, if you aren't going to play during the whole ten weeks of nightwave, then you really aren't going to get very much and just have yet more reason to say "why bother?". Some alternatives for objectives would be to have options available. "Defeat the Hydrolyst or complete 8 different nightmare missions." It would be difficult to work out what would be a relative challenge, but there has to be some way to provide choices that will not just shove people back at gameplay that they don't enjoy. It is likely some mixes of mission types will still not appeal to some players, but having the choice would still let them balance their playtime better. It will probably also have them still competing more of the objectives each week with fewer skips. The nightwave is cutting out the random nature of the alerts but doesn't offer anything unless you stick with the game more than you had to with the alert system. Try to work out how to track multiple goals for a single reward so that people could have options. Try to provide the important gameplay affecting rewards with big challenges, not just after ten weeks of grind. Try to put the seasonal unique/cosmetic rewards at the end so that people have their seasonal bragging rights or can skip those without missing out on gameplay rewards. Wolf credits, or the tokens that replace alert loot probably need to primarily come from something other than the standing gains. A few rewards can be wolf credits, but if they only come from the grind then it locks out people that aren't playing enough every week, and also bogs down the reward tree with unnecessary loot for the players that have already done the system a few times. Finally, we kind of want to know what our goals are. We don't know how many objectives are required to complete the rewards. We worry about it every time we see an objective that gives us headaches. The wolf might be a story progression event, and it shouldn't be spoiled, but then maybe he or his mission should have a unique reward and not be connected to the nightwave progress, so that you can give us a good idea of how many missions we should be completing.
  6. This isn't exactly making me happy, but it isn't the worst of things if it works correctly. For example, before patch, in fact just now, I was in an extraction. Apparently one person only wanted to do four extractors, they then went and sat at the extraction. The rest of us kept going, then they quit mission. They were the host, during host migration it proceeded to auto extract everyone and cleared all rewards. We earned nothing. As long as someone extracting can't cause the failure or a glitch that removes rewards, it is okay. We shall see how it turns out.
  7. Have you ever been cramming for a test and sleep the night before, you go to your school and take a few final moments to study then walk into class and get told the test is tomorrow? Have you ever had an office meeting you were prepping for and walked in fully prepared to be told the meeting was canceled? Have you ever had the reverse happen where the test was actually yesterday and you missed it, or the meeting was moved up before you were prepared? At the DE offices, they are all feeling all of those sensations constantly this week. They don't know which day Fortuna will arrive and quite possibly a couple of them responsible for saying when are worried that it was released before they said yes. They aren't in a panic, but maybe they should be.
  8. There is a difference between bug ridden and unplayable. They can't release in an unplayable state.
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