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  1. Trolling is not a constant but it really can ruin a run. It is also very difficult to get rid of a troll or griefer. Kick functions won't do much and aren't that great in most small games, but a few features could be implemented to protect certain modes. Railjack pretty much does need the pilot to be working towards the objective. It is important to have the ship well placed or it gets ridiculously complicated. The refine system itself should probably be swapped out, but that refine button as it is right now is another major issue for griefing. Sometimes it loses the mission, but more often it causes the owner to have to blow their resources on a resupply, or ruins their next mission. Basically, a few details of railjack need some adjustments so that players making mistakes or people trying to cause problems won't cause other people a hassle. And if the owner of the railjack pilots the ship away and tries to troll, then just add them to ignore and abandon mission. There are other people playing and you will easily find someone that actually wants to play.
  2. JHarlequin

    Kuva Nodes

    My theory is that the matchmaking and match design for the railjack "skirmish" is selecting random factors to add to each mission. In the process of making that work, they ended up reverting normal matchmaking to a more random state. Many missions are just going completely random and some are even doing the very old things of changing to exterminate before the objective is complete. Basically, match selection has gone back to what it was a couple years ago.
  3. Got several of these in a row just now. On mars, selected lich influence spy, got survival. Then selected lich influence sabotage, got defnese. Selected the same lich influence sabotage, got Rescue. Haven't had the correct mission for three missions in a row.
  4. The troubleshooting would be are you sure all the enemies are over 20 and that you do not already have a lich. After that, are you doing the mission in stealth because it seems that they don't happen in stealth nearly as often, for two reasons. First is because kills are needed to "encourage" the event to happen, and the second is that it just doesn't seem to happen as often if the alert status isn't active. Next thing to confirm, shortly after starting the mission, does the screen do an invader effect in orange. Screen flash or glow. That is basically the intro to a larvling chance. If you aren't seeing that green flash when you would normally see any other invader effects, then you either finished the mission too fast or the mission isn't good enough to spawn a larvling. If you are seeing that flash, then you just need to make some more kills. It is sort of like the Juggernaut, the event begins and then you need to put in some more kills to complete and get the larvling to spawn.
  5. I mostly experience the water effect if I manage to just run out of the water. Aiming the dash just above a ledge that would leave the water, or managing to just swim up out of the water without the "exit" animation ends up keeping the submerged visual effect.
  6. Usually with issues like this it is because either the boss hp was completely overwhelmed by too much power, or you triggered a scripted issue before it would work. In other words, because you broke the backpack too quickly after the freeze broke, it doesn't count and you won't be able to get him frozen anymore. The easiest way to test the issue and workaround what this problem might be is to let him fully stand up and start attacking before you shoot the backpack each time. If the fight works when you wait, then come back and report that breaking the backpack too quickly causes the bug.
  7. This comes up regularly. Run all the way into the deck 12 room. You are in no danger and there are spots in there too. To activate the fight you have to use a console so you don't have to activate it if you don't want to. Once you are all the way inside, then you can turn around and leave automatically and you will be able to leave the tunnel that you were locked in. Also realize that this does reset the vallis, so new mining spots will appear out there after you enter deck 12 and return to the vallis.
  8. For months I have felt that after the first couple they all auto run. Very recently I have had some better luck but it is still usually too difficult to be bothered to do more than one per entry into the Vallis. The only work around currently is find a high point (mushroom or cliff ledge overlooking the call spot). Make the return call and very quickly get up on that spot and then you must remained crouched from then on. Hopefully they approach from a reasonable direction so that you can target them clearly while still crouched on your high point. Most of the time they will remain unaware. The problem is that sometimes they still freak out, or your pet or moa will stay on the ground and get spotted by the creature you are trying to capture. In general, the conservation animals are freaking out way too quickly lately.
  9. Pretty sure that a lich that has been traded will not be tradeable again when the new owner kills it. That was one of the limitations they wanted on it so that an ephemera wouldn't travel around rapidly after one person got it. As for the person that has to make the choice of take the weapon or share the ephemera with their friend, currently it is the choice you are stuck with. They would likely understand if you take the weapon, but the ephemera is kind of rare. You both will continue killing lichs and have other chances at the weapons and might see just as good or a possibly better bonus on that weapon eventually. I would say that the ephemera for you and your friend is more important than the bonus for now.
  10. They have a lot they are working on and they did not go "tone deaf". They aknowledged the requests and stated their reasoning and they stated that they aren't making changes yet because they want to see more action before they do anything about it. If you want them to act on the popular opinions right now, they would probably completely scrap the system and remove the kuva weapons at the same time. You may be unhappy with the current system and you can say that. You can even give feedback and suggestions based on what you want from the system. They are trying to get through all the feedback. But as they said, they need more time before they will commit to changes. This means they are not tone deaf on the issue, they just do not want to change the main reason behind the system until they know that it is not working well for people.
  11. A few key words in a text file, at 15 mods per player, and a million players, 15 million text files. It isn't very much data, but it is enough that they had to make a change for it. As the riven mods are want and not need, they figured hey, we can charge for this. It isn't a need for them to charge, it is a place for them to make money, so what you want costs you money.
  12. Rivens are want, not need. Rivens are also random and likely unique. You aren't likely to find the exact same riven ever. They also have their reroll counter and leveling that makes a difference. It is a lot of extra data they have to store to make sure that every riven works. So you have to pay for that storage. They have increased how much people can buy because some people really do try to get a good riven for every weapon, but they really do have costs when it comes to rivens so they do have to make you pay for extra capacity on these things you want.
  13. The experimental flight was interesting, but still had way too many momentum issues and control issues. A lot of players were finding it to be a hassle. The new flight mode is very well controlled and no longer has players bouncing into things every time they attempt to turn. People aren't ending up going sideways when they fly. Most players that were having trouble with orientation are not having issues. It isn't 100% better as a flight mode, but it works better for most players. With the upcoming railjack, they needed a flight system that worked well, so they chose to make sure that all flight used the same model and would not cause problems for players. After railjack is up, they might go back to adding features to archwing flight.
  14. They definitely need better voice lines and a better reason for the death, but otherwise, the death has no importance. It isn't really much of a loss, so the death does not matter. They are still looking at it, but it seems likely that the death will stay in. Hopefully they make other improvements so that people stop worrying about the meaningless death.
  15. I have noticed the same issue. No usable computer in that room even if you find one that looks like it is available. I got trapped in there once but luckily I use the Liset and have support charges equipped, but if someone isn't using that and doesn't have someone else in the mission outside of the room, they can be locked in for good.
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