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  1. Guessing from the way things have broken before and the few ways people have gotten this to work, it is all about load distance and status of the players. To work around until it is fixed, don't start the first part until your group is full. And for the second part, the moment anyone gets near the base everyone stop and kill everything near them, your datamass might spawn near one of the players that isn't there yet, or just all go together instead of rushing ahead.
  2. Have you ever been cramming for a test and sleep the night before, you go to your school and take a few final moments to study then walk into class and get told the test is tomorrow? Have you ever had an office meeting you were prepping for and walked in fully prepared to be told the meeting was canceled? Have you ever had the reverse happen where the test was actually yesterday and you missed it, or the meeting was moved up before you were prepared? At the DE offices, they are all feeling all of those sensations constantly this week. They don't know which day Fortuna will arrive and quite possibly a couple of them responsible for saying when are worried that it was released before they said yes. They aren't in a panic, but maybe they should be.
  3. There is a difference between bug ridden and unplayable. They can't release in an unplayable state.
  4. They mentioned something like this a long time ago. Roughly the choice was, while it is an action game, the choice to pick up orbs is yours. You have to avoid them if you don't want to use them too quickly. You have to watch your health and energy because you are supposed to be that good. Things may have changed, but it still seems like a decent enough system. Only use orbs when they will be good for you. Try to not use them otherwise. Not everything should be handled for the players.
  5. It might be best to keep vacuum as is. To narrow down most of the basic aspects of vacuum use, there are basically four types of players. Players that want the loot and use vacuum. Players that want the loot and run around to get most of it. Players that don't want the loot and just keep running. And players that don't want the loot but they still use vacuum because it just doesn't matter. Universal vacuum would be a huge change and would change up a lot of things about the loot gathering. Though increasing the current pickup range would not be an issue that any player would be against. As for why I believe vacuum should probably stay as it is, first, I just don't want more mods. There are too many mods and so many that aren't used well, so anytime a dev plan comes up that includes the words "More mods" I am against it. Second, as a split up mod it does lose most of it's usefulness, you will find many people just ignoring the mods and picking up loot themselves. If you have to pick up any of the loot yourself, you will just pick it all up yourself and not bother with the mods. Some people would use the mods of course, but most players would probably just not bother with them. Third issue, the proposed new use of carrier would see it going from being 89% used, to probably about 5% for a few weeks, then to an uncountably low amount of use. Ammo mutation and ammo "drum" are useful if you can run out of ammo. I mentioned it in another thread but either you are using a gun that just floods out bullets and might help, or you are going somewhere where Carrier won't survive long enough for you to get any use out of an ammo boosting ability. The new carrier proposal does not make me think of anything useful. I believe most people would just give up carrier entirely as soon as they realize that it just doesn't survive to do anything useful. If vacuum does go through a change, then I believe many other sentinel mods that are referred to as precepts should also change. Some of the abilities really could be used by more then one sentinel though it should be limited for most of the powers. But other precepts like the 7 different "shoot gun" mods should be wiped out in favor of mods that work for every sentinel and specify the situation for when someone wants their sentinel to shoot.
  6. You certainly can't have it both ways. Unfortunately for some, the syandanas are not really as impressive. So for example someone that liked Valkyr's bonds only and wouldn't use a syandana on Valkyr is now going to be out their arcane slot because you don't have an alternative available for them. Guess it just goes back to someone else's suggestion from a while ago. Arcanes should just be equippable, they shouldn't be added to syandanas and helmets so that we have better choices about which arcane to use and don't necessarily have to have syandanas and helmets for them.
  7. This has been answered a few times, even once in the original post that informed everyone. Yes you keep all your parts and blueprints. They never take things away. They only hide the items so that they can not be dropped until they make another change.
  8. When they have moved things to the vault before, you keep what you have, they just do not drop anymore. So you will have any blueprints and parts that you have. Which yes means that some people are farming the crap out of these weapons right now so they can sell after the items are in the vault.
  9. So you are saying, that you want to do a quest one time only ever for prime parts that are supposed to drop from special locations? Prime parts can't come back from the vault quite as easily as anything else that has gone into the vault.
  10. They weren't particularly special, but they are still content and prime parts. I really can't understand any argument for moving prime parts to the vault. It would be better to permanently remove them then to vault them. Prime parts had to be found. These aren't alert rewards, or market items, or odd gear that isn't exactly perfect. They haven't reached saturation and probably never will. Meanwhile, people will abuse the situation and other people will still be nearly victimized by the situation because they won't get the remaining pieces by that time for the same reasons that they haven't gotten the parts before now. Getting the correct keys is not easy, and getting lucky after using up your key is annoyingly rare. It just seems like a very poorly considered decision that definitely needs a bit more revealed for anyone to believe that it was thought about rather then just having someone say "We should vault some prime crap."
  11. I certainly wouldn't want to see any feature be jumped to too quickly, but the spy changes definitely look like a change that moves towards a mission instead of grab something while shooting everything.
  12. The syandanas are kind of good but have a few minor issues. The simplest issue is that they are only slightly spectacular. How do these syndicates that have no particular defining characteristics up until now other then the types of mods they offer, now suddenly offer syandanas that display your effectiveness at almost completely random actions. It just seems underwhelming that the choices we have made up until now could leave us disappointed because the syandanas we have access to won't trigger off of the way we play. A better concept might have had two types of syandanas. A much simpler and tradable syandana that doesn't enhance it's visual. It's just always the same, along with the syandana that is normally available now. Another concept that might get a bit more attention is that the syandanas shouldn't be locked in to just one method of enhancing the visual. Only on scans. Only on stealth kill. Only on taking damage. Are bad decisions for why something should be enhanced. If it was stealth kill glows faster but any melee kill adds to it, then it would work out better for people. Taking damage or knocking down enemies. On scan, hack, or bullet deflection. Since so many missions turn out to be all about making kills, it is ridiculous to have any of the syandanas work based off of kills because then you know that that one will almost always max out during a mission, not to mention that it would also cover the stealth kill and power usage concepts as well. Two or three of the other triggers all in some way are linked to kills, but they have special qualifiers, while the kill syandana just goes up for just about everything. They do sound fun, but it does also seem like the triggers aren't the best of choices.
  13. The success I saw was using an energy restore for the frost that basically made a trail of snow globes. Yeah someone has to deal with a few nullifiers that are in the way, but with enough snow globes nothing else can hammer the truck. It wasn't a just grab your penta tactical, but it still didn't really inspire anyone, because there just isn't much to make it a meaningful mission.
  14. Well at least I payed attention to the news before I ended up with another 1000 useless fusion cores. Still doesn't help with the fact that there are too many mods to be used when some mods are so much more valuable. We still aren't exactly getting a choice about what mods to use in some situations? There really needs to be fewer mods, not just no more powers.
  15. It mentions that it is much easier to see the rarity of a mod, but the rarity never seems to be accurate. It's not the drop rate, or rarity of the mob, or even always how many are needed. Rarity just seems to be some really random and unusual ranking for mods. Why even bother with it when it's been inaccurate this whole time?
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