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  1. Got the same issue, made me wonder if my mirage clones were shooting me in certain angles, but it probably was just the kuva ayanga that I was using. I could get self hits most of them when jumping to the side, though I believe I got a few self hits while quick sliding to the side or sudden shifts back and forth with strafe movement.
  2. Noticed this just now. Seen it happen to Mirage but not to Nova, so maybe only certain frames are showing the kuva shildeg. Also tried several other melee weapons and the others stayed hidden when not equipped. (Lecta, Skiajati, Paracesis, Jat Kusar did not show while holding other weapons) Tried on Mirage, Nova, Gara, and Saryn so far. Nova and Gara don't have weapons visible when sheathed. Mirage and Saryn do have the weapons show. Kuva Shildegg, Furax wraith, Gunsen, Tekko, and Hirudo do stay in hands even when holding guns. They do turn invisible if you disable "visible while holstered".
  3. I don't particularly like the limitations, though as a learning experience it might make for events that have multiple rewards better in the future. Still the 100 murex and the time limit is a bit weird. More importantly learning and being confident is not easy and some people get obnoxious about the event even though they have only been in one or two waves themselves. A drawback to your arguments though is the fact that most flotillas go to 100 of 100 murex dispatched every wave. They are filling up and succeeding most of the time. It will probably drop off and not really keep people interested for too much more time. It just isn't exactly engaging as an event.
  4. Your total points for the event only update after a wave ends. So let the wave finish and then check your progress. As for ground versus space. Space kills the murex, ground gets the kill codes. If you end up on a flotilla that doesn't have enough space, then they won't kill the murex and you won't get a bonus for that wave. When the bonus gets implemented as it seems that the bonus isn't getting sent every time.
  5. It isn't so much punishing solo players but not being able to turn some team features into a solo experience. They just haven't been able to make railjack solo yet and it probably won't ever be exactly a solo experience. As for the ground mission, solo just means you can only go so far before having to pull out. It isn't the worse, and it would be nice if they could do better for the solo players, but in general they plan for team play and so most of the work comes out ready for teams to participate. (Except of course when the matchmaking isn't actually working and you have to form a squad before trying to play)
  6. While it is supposed to take time, it does seem like a long stretch and the longer runs really don't boost up the score very much. I would strongly prefer the minimum run (when you can extract) be set to reach at least 300 points. And then at each moment which would be double that amount of time go up by at least double. So doing a number of condrix or murex equal to the extraction amount would be 600 for the first set and then 1200 for the next batch. It does sound a bit high, but it is getting tougher for most normal players by that point. I imagine the people going for the first optional batch would be the most common and they would rather take a break and then come back. It would mean making about 900 points for the average run rather than only about 255 for what I consider to be the regular run.
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