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  1. I am not a fan of the nekramechs for several reasons. If I build one and use it, and do the forma and max it out. Can I then sell it to get rid of it if it is the only one I have? Or is it like several other features where you can not get rid of the only one you have?
  2. I hope it works out well and that people get most of what they want, but god, why are you pushing the nekramechs.
  3. When they are too random to get something that looks good, and then we have limited inventory space and eventually have to get rid of it if we want to try again or get others, then it shouldn't cost any resources to get rid of them. When they could die, I went through a few trying to get one that looked good. I would let them die and be satisfied with that. I do not feel that they have presented a valuable enough usage, or enough of an attachment to override the fact that they are just a tool. It is a piece of equipment rather than a pet. Now that we can't let them die or space
  4. Initially, this test was complicated by still worked. Now, as you noticed, the top pipes do not do anything to get your near the hole in the ceiling, instead they just shoot you straight up which is not the original intention. If you intend to get the mod from completion, then it is best to take a frame that trivializes the test. Titania is a nice choice, but Ivara, nova, and zephyr are also useful in various ways. The easiest to get the whole group up through the hole at the end is nova. Ivara is second best for people because of the ziplines, but the ivara has to be skilled in gett
  5. Noticed this just now. Seen it happen to Mirage but not to Nova, so maybe only certain frames are showing the kuva shildeg. Also tried several other melee weapons and the others stayed hidden when not equipped. (Lecta, Skiajati, Paracesis, Jat Kusar did not show while holding other weapons) Tried on Mirage, Nova, Gara, and Saryn so far. Nova and Gara don't have weapons visible when sheathed. Mirage and Saryn do have the weapons show. Kuva Shildegg, Furax wraith, Gunsen, Tekko, and Hirudo do stay in hands even when holding guns. They do turn invisible if you disable "visible w
  6. The experimental flight was interesting, but still had way too many momentum issues and control issues. A lot of players were finding it to be a hassle. The new flight mode is very well controlled and no longer has players bouncing into things every time they attempt to turn. People aren't ending up going sideways when they fly. Most players that were having trouble with orientation are not having issues. It isn't 100% better as a flight mode, but it works better for most players. With the upcoming railjack, they needed a flight system that worked well, so they chose to make su
  7. For some people, the missions starting with much tougher enemies gives them incentive, but in general, there is no major benefit. When a Lich levels up, missions that you host when going after their thralls will be tougher. When you see them again, they will be tougher. Missions that they take resources from, they will take more. They will have more areas that they take resources from and more influence missions. It isn't too bad to let them level, but there is no major benefit or payoff. If you can kill a lich on the first stab, or somewhere around the tenth stab, it is basica
  8. Gathering the murmurs is somewhat terrible. If we don't need them and can still try to make the right combination for our lich, then maybe it could still work out, but this very difficult game of memory is messy and slightly uncomfortable. The murmurs seem to be too slow. I would probably prefer double the rate of gain at least, but at the least it needs some adjusting. As for the relics, I have never been a big fan or paritcularly lucky when it comes to relics/void drops. Get lucky to figure out which mission might give you what you want, or look it up on the wiki. Farm that m
  9. Some people might still rush their sell or conversion and lose rivens anyway, but it would probably still be useful to have a screen for confirmation. I do like the idea that you have to reselect the riven for anything. It shouldn't be kept selected even though you might go direct to the fusion screen or you might cycle it again. It would be okay to deselect the riven because of basic issues like how easy it is to sell.
  10. As a npc and as the pvp coordinator I dislike teshin. His place in the storylines would really make him completely inappropriate for interaction early on. Lotus herself would likely explain mastery rank in the way you describe rather than get Teshin involved. You are kind of right that maybe mastery rank could use just a bit more explanation in game and that it might be interesting as a story to have one of the npcs doing the teaching. But not Teshin unless he needs to be shoved down our throat, and also because his views on the Tenno run counter to the views that Lotus has been maint
  11. It is a drawback to most complex games. You need a few more keys and some easy to press shortcuts to get access to everything. Controllers get complicated if you try and make them work for some things. In some ways the controller is still fun for lots of people, probably because several of the DE crew do go back and look at the usage of the controller to try and keep it working well. Not just for consoles but for anyone that wants to use a controller. Maybe they just need more time and a few suggestions about how to streamline the controller experience. The ui issues though, de
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