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Thought Dump: Resources, Kubro Solution, Mobile Defense Change.


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Don't feel like making a whole bunch of topics so here a list of thoughts.


Resources in Codex; I think it would be cool to see what all this stuff looks like up close, but in a more intimate environment than the codex black fog I.E. Plastids in a Petri dish, Nerodes in a Jar, Rubedo as a paper weight etc.




Kubrow- Keep your loyal Lama Hound, use the Orokin Lab in the Dojo instead of heartlessly abandoning them in one of the harshest environments in the solar system.


If you want to change an aspect of your Kubrow, you put it in the tube, do the thing, and boom instant what you wanted. There should be a drawback so it would reset it to un-ranked or something.




Mobile defense change- Play as the emergency extraction team, regular guys got Got, the tube is too damaged, someone has to carry old naked nick to extraction on their back, maybe he mumbles some cool lore stuff.


Defend Nick and the player carrying him on the way to a health station dropped in by the Lotus so Nick can rest and not die, defend the station while he gets a life support suit on, then back to carrying him to extraction.


*Edit: A word.

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Naked Nick is the nick name of the dude in the cryotube. The mode works like this now. Take this bag, put it in a box, defend box, the next thing.


Changes too.


Find the cryoTube, Free Nick, Someone has to carry Nick, expect to be slowed down. Nick can be hurt defend him and the carrier to the health station to stabilize Nick's condition, carry him to extraction. A Mobile defense if you will.

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