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Mutalist Quanta (Why Is It A Beach Ball)


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sortof a rant, sortof a suggestion. as a lot of people have figured out, the quanta's altfire makes a ball that can be meleed, sending it flying. having tried to test the ball's functions, this has been an infuriating aspect of it which renders the ball useless once it goes too high or low/away from combat. my suggestion would be to have the ball anchor to surfaces (but not enemies) so that only the surface of the ball is touching whatever it is attached to(like a normal ball on a table) so it could be used for personal cover/buff without fear of it flying away because the resident loki of the team thinks it's funny.



an unrelated suggestion would be to limit the amount of balls fired at once to one or increase the number to 3 total so that you could actually have two out at once while using multishot instead of one.

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