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Nova Shield And Health


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Hi there,


I have a problem with my Nova on level 30. Beneath is a listing of my Health and Shield attributes:



Health: 300

Shield: 225



Health: +280%

Shield: +320%



Health: 580

Shield: 465


I have no helmet or other things equipped, that would have a negative effect on these attributes.

Does anybody have an idea what I could do to fix this?



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What's the problem?

Not all frames get the same boost as the mods that increase health and shields as the mods increase the stats from their base value, the health and shield value of nova without mods.

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OK, I wasn't really sure if it's a bug in the beginning.

I didn't play it very much in the last year. But I'm pretty sure it was different before.

Thank you for the information and sorry for the post in the wrong forum.

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