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Buff Duration Timers (Suggestion)


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((possible power to come))


i think for powers like these, that affect the allied warframes directly, it would be a good idea to implement a buff bar, some small place on the in-game HUD, probably to the left of the health bar. no description of them is necessary just a small emblem of the power with a numbered timer. 


My reasoning is,  the powers durations are dynamic and change heavily based on the mods used in your build. so when (for example) a volt activates speed you could expect it to last anywhere from 3 seconds to 20+, so having a countdown will let you use it tactically; "should i run into this group sword swinging wildly with all this time" or " i should use this small speed boost to back off a little and reposition". the same could be said for any of these powers.


i know there was a discussion for cool down timers. but i haven't seen any discussion about this (probably due to my horrible forum searching prowess).

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