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Corpus Colony Explorafun - Feedback, Suggestion, Glitch Report - Un-Archived Edition.


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This is a thread for me to post glitch reports. Normally I would use one of my other Explorafun thread, but some were archived due to inactivity and/or age. It is unfortunate, but maintaining a lot of threads like that take time, and that's assuming I have things to report, which isn't a given. 


Please note, this isn't a general map/level glitch report thread, it's specific to the Corpus Outpost.


I frankly would prefer that you don't post over posting something that is unrelated. 


You can see more of my Explorafun initiative with the links in my profile's page. Here is the original Corpus Colony thread which is now archived. 




#1 TBC: Mob trap.



           Speaks for itself. This is on one of the defense tile. While I understand that it is not impossible to shoot it, it's somewhat annoying to have to find it there whenever something falls. It's not like there's any value to this position anyways.




#2 TBF: Object with no collision box.



           I've had a couple of times where I walked into these and passed right through.




#3 TBF: Mob spawn trap.



           Speaks for itself. 100% sure he spawned there.




#4 TBF: Mob spawn derp.



           I have noticed that every faction, when they spawn in this particular storage room, tend to facewall next to the door frame and brainfart there for a while. I don't know if something about the pathing makes them cray-cray, or if their AI is trying to set up an ambush, but something's not quite right either way. Noticed it in the other storage rooms in that tile as well. The tile feature a large elevator, if it wasn't clear.




#5 TBF: Wall seam.



           Same tile as above, in one of the access hallways. Additionally, there was a couple of times where I noticed snowflakes in this area, not sure if it's done on purpose or if there's a short area which is considered "outside".





That is all for now. 

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A couple of issues with the defense/interception map:


#6 TBF: Osprey traps (3 instances).





           As you can see, at every location there's an osprey who is - excuse my french - derping. For reasons unbeknownst to me, it was a very common occurrence to see an osprey get stuck in this location. While they are available to shoot and they are not visibly bugging out in a jarring way, it goes without saying that it's the kind of stuff which gives a bad rep to AIs.

#7 TBC: Low ceiling.


           Picture more or less irrelevant. When travelling across the map as Zephyr, I like to aim high for a parabolic trajectory, but on several occassions I have found myself being unceremoniously re-teleported to where I started. It's jarring for a couple of reasons, namely immersion shattering, energy waste, time loss and sadness induced by not being able to turn into a human/falcon cannonball. I think at least two or three Onyx-Oberon worth of height added to the upper limit of the map would make it acceptably high, if not more.  



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