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Just Really Surprised About The Launcher.


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A few after I fixed my computer, I noticed something really disturbing.
I am not too aware of Warframe ever having a saving update with it.

The file is about 3800MB after the game is downloaded from the site, I downloaded a good half of that in 4 hours.
I came back after I took a long break. And I had the realization it had been taking WAY too long so in the end i stopped it thinking it was going to save my progress for another time then I start it again, and I had to start from the beginning

Main point is, PLEASE save progress once the download has been started good examples from league of legends or defiance, warframe is not in beta anymore and the game is getting bigger as it goes, thank you for reading!

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Open Beta is for everyone to jump in, both experience the improvement and bug or flaw of the game. It make some fund for further develop and improvement of the game. Yes, Warframe still in "Beta"



P.S. I know it really annoying with currently download speed.

Edited : add P.S.

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