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Selling the following Prime Sets.


Ember Prime Set 35p (SOLD)

Mag Prime Set 20p

Boar Prime Set 15p (SOLD)

Lex Prime Set 15p (SOLD)

Dakra Prime Set 20p (SOLD)

Reaper Prime Set 15p (SOLD)

Orthos Prime Set 20p




Gnashing Payara 15p

Bleeding Willow 10p

Brutal Tide 10p

Grim Fury 15p

Cleaving Whirlwind 10p

Rending Crane 10p (SOLD)

Guardian 15p

Master Thief 10p

Quickening 10p

Virulent Scourge 10p

Seeking Force 5p

Sanctuary 5p

Whirlwind 5p

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