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[Concept] Underwater Tileset And Nautical Corpus Variants


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EDIT: Huh, tons of Underwater related concepts are popping up. Coincidence? Or just some weird passive thing?


I'm not much of a Corpus guy, but this idea just started brewing in my head and I couldn't just let it pass. So without further ado; The Underwater Tileset and the Nautical Corpus.





Ideally, this Tileset would take place on Europa, since it's pretty much the only known planet (or moon, in this case) to actually have a large amount of water. The entire map would be filled to the brim with water, except for the entry/extraction points and maybe some hidden loot rooms. Sounds would be muffled and there would be a minor fog slightly obscuring the view. The Grineer and the Infested would not be able to invade, due to the lack of their underwater technology. Also, stage hazards, such as ice or fire, would not occur. The Stalker is capable of appearing and you'll see him in his hawt swimsuit but the Harvester will not. Currently, I have thought about two versions of this tileset:


Version A

The Tileset is a submerged Corpus laboratory. Various building housing waterproof machines are the main part, but there are occasionally small caverns that connect hidden entrances. The Tenno and the Corpus both walk on the ground surface, just like they would above ground. If you need a visual example, try the first 35 seconds of this video:


Direct link:


Version B

Similar to before, the Tileset includes submerged laboratories, but also includes wide open underwater caverns. Unlike Version A, the Tenno and the Corpus are free floating, allowing them to swim in all directions. Of course, controls would need to be changed.


Taking a similar mechanic to Monster Hunter 3, the camera would determine the direction of your movement. If you aim up and move forward, you would swim up. Keep aiming up and move backward, and you'll swim down. Rolls would be replaced with a quick dash in the same direction you are moving. Sprinting would obviously translate to a faster swim speed. Jumping and crouching would be replaced with a dash upward or downward (relative to your camera). Sliding would be changed to a quick shoulder barge, with the same effects as a flying kick above ground. Maglev would increase the duration of the barge. Note that you can still copter at this point.


There are no slam attacks underwater. However, melee combos that force a slam attack will release a shockwave with the same effect. Wall running/climbing would be removed, since it would be obsolete.


Quick example of underwater combat in Monster Hunter:


Direct link:



But how would weapons and Warframes be affected? Gotcha covered:



Non-hit scan weapons and projectiles would be less affected by gravity, thus, giving them more distance and less arcing. However, though would have a slightly lower travel speed. This applies to all projectiles: Arrows, throwing knives/starts, explosives, etc.


If there is an Electricity element uncombined, it would have an passive 1.1x damage increase. This would apply only to the Electricity damage and nothing else.


If a pure element weapon, such as Amprex, Embolist, and Prova, have a Heat element uncombined, it would be forced to become Blast element instead.


Normal weapons with a standalone Heat element would be unaffected (A Heat modded Braton). However Heat proc would not occur, and instead a Blast proc would instead.


Heat Swords (and variants) have their innate Heat damage converted to Blast.


Warframe Abilities

Like normal, all abilities would be cast in the same direction you are facing. Facing up and using Slash Dash would move you straight up.


* = Denotes that the changes would only apply to Version B of the Tileset.



Sound Quake*: Animation change; Banshee holds her arms out to the side and emits sound frequencies instead of channeling into the ground.



Whew, lots of changes here!

Fireblast: Damage is converted to pure Blast damage.


Accelerant: Instead of buffing fire damage, it now makes enemies more susceptible to Blast damage.


Fire Blast: Creates a ring/sphere* that deals consistent Blast damage over time.

                Animation change*; Ember does a horizontal spin with both arms out, releasing currents of superheated water.


World on Fire: Spontaneous explosions occur around Ember, dealing heavy Blast damage.

                      Animation change*: Similar to the Fire Blast change, but without the spin.



Super Jump*: Propels Excalibur upward or downward whether he is crouching or not.


Radial Javelin*: Animation change; Excalibur unsheathes his melee and performs a horizontal spin, releasing javelins in all directions.



Ice Wave*: Instead of slamming the ground, Frost uses both hands to launch a wave of ice crystals.



Being a Water frame, Hydroid would have a passive Power Efficiency of around 5 - 10%.


Tidal Surge: Hydroid becomes an area of dense water and charges forward.


Undertow: Hyrdoid melts into a cloud of dark water and pulls in nearby enemies.



Reckoning*: Animation change; A sphere of energy would surround an enemy, before 

collapsing upon itself onto the enemy.



Rhino Stomp: Animation change*; Rhino channels all his energy into his arms and legs, then releases a devastating shockwave. Think like how Volt uses Overload.



Blessing: Animation change*; Similar to how Trinity casts Link, but instead, pauses and uses both arms.



Tesla*: Thrown Teslas would travel a few meters (10 - 15m) before coming to a stop and becoming active.


Bounce*: Similar to before, the ball would travel a short distance and stop, activating a bounce pad pointing up (Not relative to your camera).


Bastille*: Again, the ball would move a distance before stopping. Instead of creating a cylindrical net, Bastille is now a wide sphere, like a globe, that can envelope enemies in all directions.



Water conducts electricity, thus Volt would have a passive 1.1x damage modifier to his abilities, like mentioned before.



Tailwind*: Using it once would propel Zephyr up or down, like Excalibur's Super Jump. Using it a second time before the first use is over would launch Zephyr forward.


Divebomb*: Zephyr launches forward and stops after a short distance and emits a shockwave where she stopped.


Tornado: Creates typhoons that have the same affect as tornadoes (Would have a wider horizontal range and less vertical*). Attempting to change the element to Heat would force it to become Blast.









Crewman Variants:

Nautical Corpus uniforms are similar in appearance to the aboveground version, but are less box-like more rounded at the helmet. The visor is now a horizontal oval shape rather than a narrow strip. The helmets cannot be shot off, but the can be shot at the visor for multiplied damage. All crewman are equipped with a small thruster pack, allowing quick but short movement in the water. Think how Grineer Hellions move with their jetpacks.


Nautical Crewman: Just your standard underwater Crewman equipped with a Dera. Not much else to say.


Nautical Spear Crewman: Hey look! Something different! Anyway, Crewman equipped with a Tridens, a new Corpus trident melee weapon.


Elite Nautical Crewman: Underwater Elite Crewman with a Flux Rifle. Maybe there could be an anchor detail on him?


Nautical Sniper Crewman: Guess what? It's a Sniper Crewman with a Lanka! Underwater! Wow!


Nautical Tech: Yep, it's a Corpus Tech that swims, equipped with a Supra. Can deploy Shield Petrels.


Robot Variants:

As this is underwater, MOAs and Ospreys would not be optimized for water combat. Instead, a new line of aquatic robotics has been mass produced; the ANGLRs and the Petrels.


ANGLR Variants:

Vaguely fish-like in appearance, the ANGLRs are roughly the same size as an average MOA. Their weaponry is mounted within their mouths behind sharp fangs. Being optimized for underwater combat, ANGLRs are capable of quick and evasive maneuvers. They are also capable of biting an opponent if it wanders too close.


ANGLR: Equivalent to a regular MOA. Equipped with a plasma cannon. Armor is a dark green with a silver underbelly


Barrier ANGLR: Equivalent to a Shockwave MOA. Can generate a burst of concentrated water, forcing victims back. Armor is gold with a black underside.


Harpoon ANGLR: Equivalent to a Railgun MOA. Capable of launching high velocity harpoons at targets. Armor is a light blue with a white underside.


Razor ANGLR: An ANGLR covered with sharp spines. Prefers to charge at the enemy, dealing slash damage. Armor is black with a silver underbelly.


Petrel Variants:

Similar in appearance to an Osprey, minus the wings and add mechanical fins. 


Shield Petrel: Swims around crewmen, giving boosted shields.


Mine Petrel: Floats around the Tenno and deploys mines that explode when touched.


Leech Petrel: Unlike a Leech Osprey, which deploys leeches, a Leech Petrel will charge at a Tenno, attempting to latch on. If it succeeds, then shields will be drained at a very rapid rate. Can be removed by rolling/dashing a few times, using a damaging AoE ability (Rhino Stomp, Fire Blast, etc.), or by letting an ally/sentinel destroy it.


Absorb Petrel: A dangerous Petrel that glows periodically (Similar to Djinn's Fatal Attraction). If shot at during this time, it will absorb the damage. When killed while not glowing, it will release 50% of the absorbed damage back in a 10 meter radius. Careful with those 5-forma Toxin proc weapons guys! (inb4 2 op plz nerf)







What kind of underwater wonderland would it be without sea kubrows wild animals attacking you?


Sharks: Self-explanatory. Travels in packs and only attacks when attacked. Or when it smells blood from a fresh firefight (or waterfight in this case?). Viscous bites and lunges against either Tenno or Corpus.


Jellyfish: Docile creatures. Aggressive only when bothered. Can shock enemies with a short range burst of electricity.


Hydroid's Mom Squid/Kraken: Appears only in some rooms as a hazard, so it cannot be damaged/killed. Tentacles may sweep around the edges of an area, dealing damage.




Well, what do you guys think? Might need some more tweaking or additions, so I'm open to your feedback!

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