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Void Missions Disconnect Just Prior To Completion


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This is an issue that I've noticed a few times and at first I thought it was just a fluke since it only happened a few times. But as n continues to grow, I really think there's a specific bug causing this: occasionally just as the last person is about to run up to the extraction point in a void mission, everything hangs for a moment and everyone disconnects. Of course, we lose everything. 


Now certainly this game's &!$$ poor coding lends itself to frequent disconnects and lag, but I've had multiple 40+ minute survival runs with no lag issues whatsoever. Then just as the last guy runs up, the game craps the bed and the better part of an hour goes down the drain. 


Anyone else notice this?

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I agree, I've been getting kicked off of the game all day today from host migration and from lag. I was playing it perfectly fine about a week ago so I don't think that its my computer that's making it happen or my internet.

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