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Multiple "online" Or Play Modes.


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I've noticed two general types of online play with people, and it seems that they really do conflict. It'd be nice to be able to party up with squads that are after the same goals. To this end, I propose at least two modes.


First mode: This would be for people who either want to leisurely take their time completing the mission and/or are after loot and/or are farming mob drops. (Survival and defense missions would be longer for instance.) Perhaps this could be called "Casual" mode.


Second mode: This would be for people who are PMSing and can't seem to wait a split second before starting the elevator leaving a good portion of the squad behind and can't figure out that they'll pay the same or more at the extraction point as they just have to wait for the squad to catch up anyhow. (And this would be for survival/defense missions that people want in and out of as quickly as possible for the event/alert rewards.) Perhaps this mode could be called "PmP" ("Pee my Panties" if I don't finish the level in 53 seconds and matchmaking used up 38 of them already) mode.


That way when we're looking for ferrite or other junk to build stuff, we can go into Casual mode, and if we're gonna rush through the mission, we can go into PmP mode...and everybody's a little happier. :)

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