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  1. I also keep getting the "Bad Request" pop up after logging in, and after every mission. Also, I watched Prime Time and haven't gotten my ducats. (Yes my account is linked okay. Yes, window had focus and volume was on. Etc.)
  2. For me at least. Was trying to enter slingshot and I was greeted with this: Unable to do anything except interact with the escape menu.
  3. Oh, don't know if this is still a thing/hasn't been fixed yet, haven't tried it recently/more than once since it's kind of game breaking... You can go into the slingshot during the mission or dry dock loading screen when there is the slipstream animation going...if you launch yourself during this time, you will get placed outside the railjack and can move around, but not return to the railjack nor access your menu. It causes travel to become stuck. I had to basically alt-f4 the game. Also, sometimes when returning to/boarding the railjack, I am placed inside with my archwing equipped and my normal weapons as if I was flying around on the PoE or OV. Disembarking and reboarding the railjack a bunch of times may fix the issue. Also, sometimes when returning to the railjack, I've been spawned in the floor. I can move about, but cannot leave nor get out of this area. Additionally, sometimes there is a visual glitch where I'm walking around with my archwing melee out. Photos below:
  4. Another bit of feedback, if we're to use the slingshot and we can't skip past the cutscene...(well even if we could...) DE, could you keep the enemies to kill us before we can even do anything? You did this on the Ropalist too (unless you've fixed it) and it's kind of lame. I don't know how many times I've used the slingshot and it's a crapshoot whether or not I'll be downed immediately after the forced watching of the cutscene... Same with leaving the crew ships, etc. If we need to watch the cutscenes, give us a second or two of invuln so we can at least try to move or cast a skill before taking damage. OR alternatively...we get some lightning aura in the cutscene...why not stun the npcs in the entry room with an electric proc for a few seconds?
  5. A few more bits of feedback. 1) Please make it so that when a number of us leave the railjack from the same sphincter, we don't compete to be extruded. It's kind of annoying that we have to step off the pad and then step back on the pad, especially if all members are evacuating from the ship and we have to do the shuffle over and over. 2) Make it so it's less of a pain to find the Sentinel Anomaly ship thing's bung so we can enter it without taking forever to find it. There is so much red haze everywhere that it's hard to line up where the entrance is. Also, pilots often park in dumb places so that it's extra hard to find without leaving the ribcage and finding the ring.
  6. What I'd like to see is the ability for us to decide whether or not we stay at the end of RJ missions. A short voting period like in other endless missions. That way if the host wants to stay to loot, we can "leave squad and return" gracefully to return to the Orbiter/dry dock. If the host wants to start another mission/return to dry dock, and we want to loot the map, we can choose to "leave squad and remain" and do so. And for those of us who decide to go with the flow, we could have a toggleable option to just do whatever the host chooses...so we don't have to keep voting.
  7. Didn't get the drop from either stream. 😕 I wish there was some other way other than buggy Twitch drops to get these things. Nvm. It finally came in.
  8. Oh god...please no. While they're new, they might be interesting, but after a few months, they'd just get kind of annoying. At least for me, and probably many others. Though...hmmm. Maybe what they should do is record a bunch of sessions of all the cephalons and map bosses bickering/arguing with each other for 5-10 minute stints too... And then they could play them randomly once every 20-40 minutes game time...and make them unmuteable. Wouldn't that be awesome? Lotus: Tenno, you must punish that ugly tincan flamethrowing lamer! Ordis: Yeah! Yeah! Punish him! With weapons and death! Alad V: Be sure to save me parts so I can add them to my amalgams! Lotus: Hey, who said you could talk on this chan... Sargus Ruk: HEY! I heard that! I'm offended by your insults! Lotus: You get off this channel too! Sargus Ruk: Why should I? You should've encrypted your communications better... Y'know for an A.I., you didn't do a good job at it... Ordis: Hmmm, you know...he's right... Also, we should talk about the security of the encryption on your emails... Lotus: Shut it! Ordis, I'll deal with you later... And you! Ruk and Alad, if you don't get off comms RIGHT now...I'm going to build a firewall around you two! Ordis: Build the wall! Build the wall! And make the Sentinels pay for it! Lotus: ORRRRDISSSS!! Ahem, yes, we're going to make the Origin System great again! And we're starting by adding tariffs to all your Hexanon and Orokin Cells! Etc. etc. So many possibilities!
  9. Since I keep getting placed into squads that are 99% complete with their objectives and all I end up getting to do is twiddle my thumbs...would be nice if we get a large/full portion of the rewards/intrinsics that the rest of the squad gets... 'Cuz y'know...we don't get a choice about what squad we get dumped into and it's usually a waste of time since we end up having the load time to enter, then the few (or many depending on if they harvest the whole map for resources) minutes while they loot and then extraction...or aborting mission which also takes time and increases fail count... Or, alternatively, make the cutoff for a RJ's mission objective being completed a lot earlier.
  10. Can we get a keybind for the Omni tool? Using the gear wheel so often is kind of getting old real quick.
  11. Well crap. I guess I need to stop using turrets and fixing the ship and be flying out there to grab loots.
  12. Hi! A few things... 1) We should be able to form a squad of as many or as few people we want and begin a Railjack mission. Matchmaking can then either dump the squad into another open squad, or people can fill the empty slots in the preformed squad...like normal mission matchmaking does already. That way we can invite a friend and go together into a mission already in progress if space is available, or alternatively start the mission as host if there isn't space in another squad. Currently if you have a squad of more than one person and want to join an active squad, the individuals get split up and both usually join separate squads, or sometimes one gets in and the other gets dumped back to their orbiter. 2) That warning about needing to go to Dry Dock to start a mission is kind of obnoxious after a bit. Kind of like when you run Phorid assassinations and you have to watch that cutscene every time. Gets old after a while. 🙂 Missions should not require going to the Dojo every time, and I believe you can access them from the fast travel menu/interactive Railjack item in the orbiter, so the warning about the Dry Dock is kind of moot. Additionally, most of the times I'm alone or in a preformed partial squad, I want what I mentioned in #1 anyways.
  13. I apologize in advance for not reading all the previous responses. I just wanted to leave a little feedback about the new Railjack content. Maybe post something more substantial later. A few things that right now are kind of annoying and I don't know if this has been addressed yet, or perhaps it might be a bug, but... 1) It would be nice if we could leave squad like in Orb Vallis/Plains of Eidolon or have a "Screw you guys, I'm going home" button and be spawned in our own instances or dropped back to our orbiters when we're done with doing missions so we're not hostages to the host. I know people say you can just leave squad/abort mission after the host starts a new mission, but I tried once in the past, got a "Mission Failed" screen and lost all progress, so I don't exactly trust that method. Maybe losing progress was a bug in that case? Dunno. 2) This also goes in the hostage/slave labor category, but not getting to vote as a squad on additional queued missions, kind of sucks. If we had the ability to vote, then anyone could interact with navigation and request a mission and the rest of the squad could decide on whether or not they want to go do that one. Or, if we can leave squad without losing progress, that would be less of an issue however. 3) If we're outside the Railjack and are collecting resources, we shouldn't lose progress if left behind. I had a troll of a host in which we finished the mission...he and another went outside to collect resources after the mission. They waited until I started help collect resources then rushed back into the Railjack and selected to head back to Dry Dock. There wasn't any way without that recall skill to return to the ship that quickly and I ended up being ported back onto the ship and the mission ended with a "Mission Failed" screen with all the progress lost. This isn't a very good way to encourage people to help collect loot at the end of the mission. I've since just stayed on the ship after a mission run with PUGs and let the others collect resources and take the risk of being left behind. Once again, uncertain if the loss of mission progress was a bug or if that was intentional for getting ditched in space. 😛 4) Can you also have living companions stop "following" us when we disembark from the Railjack in space? We should be teaching them that the vacuum of space isn't very conducive to living. Every time I leave the Railjack my Kavat is listed as "DEAD"...and magically resurrects when I board the Railjack.
  14. Yeah, I didn't get it either. I wish the damn Twitch drops weren't so buggy.
  15. I have had Bloom turned off since about 5ish years ago when Bloom would make the MR 1 test pretty much impossible to pass. (The whole screen was pure white in the test back then for some people if you had Bloom turned on. I assume they've fixed that since then.) Having Bloom all the way off still doesn't really help that much in regards to the most visually flashy/intrusive skills/etc. At least it doesn't for me. Dunno about for OP.
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