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  1. Dear DE- Just a small QoL suggestion for Cephalon Simaris. For those of us who go to get Daily Simaris tasks with any regularity, it gets really old to have Simaris tell us that we shouldn't think about why the hunter gets rewarded when it is the target who gives all to sanctuary or whatever... It wastes a small bit of time to listen to him BUT it would be nice if we could click the mouse button or do something to shut him up so we can get back to playing instead of listening to a broken record... Perhaps it could be like how we can click through the dialogue with the mission givers in the backroom of Fortuna. Perhaps you can just reuse the code you already have in place for that?
  2. Yes, I saw your post, give 50 creds on each rank. Taking into account the quote below (#1), I should just spend the wolf creds since they expire. This mention of 10 credits from me keeps cropping up. Why, one might ask? Well! Because like me, some people may not buy something(s) for a total increment of exactly 50 creds. I received 50 credits, same as everyone else, but I bought some stuff I didn't have...and guess what? Now...I have 10 creds. 10 creds is less than 15, which is the cheapest thing available as far as I see. What does this mean? It is possible for people to spend creds in such a manner that they don't end up with 0 creds. That was one point of my response to your suggestion and this line of responses. Sorry I wasn't clear. If you didn't plan your purchases completely optimally because there were things you needed/wanted and you didn't spend an increment of 50 creds...they're wasted at reset. I was just pointing out your suggestion (that kind of implied it would fix all issues with nightwave and the cred rewards) was still a little flawed. I mean, sure I might be able to buy more stuff with your suggestion if they don't adjust the offering costs for inflation. But at the end, I may still end up with creds that get wasted. And if they DO adjust the offering costs for inflation and we might just be back in the same boat. I guess if they made all offerings increments of 10, and had at least 1 10 cred offering, that would remove the problem of having extra credits. Also, you didn't tell me how to convert wolf creds into unexpiring nightwave creds. I really would like to do so, so my straggling 10 extra creds don't expire if I don't manage to spend them before the reset. Also, in regards to #1, they really should offer more interesting and possibly new stuff in there, not just as a rank reward. 🙂
  3. 1) Say you have 10 wolf creds... And the cheapest thing is 15 wolf creds... What are you going to spend it on? 3 out of a 5 pack of a Nitain or whatever? I don't think they break those up and besides you'd be left with 1 wolf cred. As to nightwave cred, please do tell how to do this. If we can switch wolf creds to a currency that doesn't expire, then my complaint is less pressing. Also, keep in mind, I'm on PC, and I'm assuming by the (NSW) tag in front of your name that you're playing on Switch...which means our experiences may vary. 2) If it's for anyone, then I can get behind that. I'm all for extra choice in things to do. 3) Yes, randomly generated or randomly chosen elite challenges would be most fair.
  4. Yeah, I did bullet jump around. Like I said, I was able to do it with time to spare, but it is kind of lame. I run missions with loot radar. Often solo, sometimes with others if I want to reduce my workload. 🙂 But yeah, the rush was since the other three in the squad were on extraction and wouldn't step off. I think there is now separate extraction for that mission type (excavation) but I don't exactly trust it. I can't remember if the claim was that separate extraction was available in all endless missions or if they specified which ones... In any case, free roam and Cetus/Fortuna bounties are an endless mission types, but people can't extract separately there unless they work around it by leaving squad. So I don't trust it to work flawlessly yet.
  5. Unfortunately I didn't take screenshots this time around since I was in a mad rush to parkour around extraction to get two medallions which the placed on opposite sides of the extraction platform before extraction occurred. The place this happened was on the Earth tileset in which there is a staircase down to a curved path with four paths coming off the extraction platform, two at platform level, one with a broken path that leads up a staircase to a room with lockers and the other which has a staircase up to another room with some lockers. I basically had to jump around to the lower platform on the right-hand side, then parkour around to the broken path and go into the room on the left-hand side with 30 seconds until extraction. Made it with time to spare, but still kind of annoying.
  6. 1) That still doesn't solve the issue of straggling wolf creds which cannot be spent towards the end of the series. That would also make the wolf cred "jackpot" rank reward either require additional wolf creds, or some other reward to replace that rank reward. Otherwise it'd be like getting nothing at that particular rank up. 2) How does one determine who is a newbie? And why should only newbies have access to those? If that's the case, then elites should be for vets only. Unless you mean that there are extra dailies for everyone, in which case, having more stuff to do is always nice. 3) That sounds like a rather cumbersome solution for the event. And it would exclude a lot of people who have no wish to join the forums. I suppose they could issue a vote in the Design Council to give the Design Council more stuff to do.
  7. Was just reminded in a mission right now... Spawning syndicate medallions really near extraction such that it is easy to trigger extraction or in a location such that you have to skirt past extraction (usually in a pain in the a-hole route) is kind of lame. This potential spawn locations really should be examined.
  8. That's 'cuz they're hopped up on the WF version of bath salts. Be thankful they aren't trying to eat your face off. 😉
  9. I have been consistently loading into the Orb Vallis from Fortuna in an "UNARMED" state. Sometimes with this strange orange-red tribalesque three sided reticule. Other times with just a white dot for a target. Sometimes I can fix the problem by swapping between my primary/secondary weapon. Other times this doesn't work and a workaround I found appears to be using the archgun launcher and swapping back. In any case, it's really obnoxious to have to do this extra step each time I load in. Please fix it.
  10. Any of the ones that start off with "Kill enemies in the area" in a cave that are followed by "Defend the area" event outside above the cave. I guess if you have a squad, the tasks can be divvied up, but a lot of times there aren't enough mobs that spawn fast enough and the meter goes to 0% before you can kill stuff to maintain it.
  11. Haha, I didn't want to get TOO greedy, but yeah. I'd totally rather have oxium or something. 🙂
  12. I wouldn't argue against free additional loot, though I thought the Syndicates already give you a choice from a selection of their offerings at each rank up? As to socializing, I don't mind, I just don't want to be forced to make/guilt a friend do a mission they may have already done. Timing is often an issue when trying to get these dailies/weeklies done. I've already added a number of people to my friends list, but some can't do the harder content so that also doesn't help.
  13. Picking up power cells in excavation used to remember which weapon you had selected before you picked up the power cell and returned you to that weapon choice. Now whenever you drop the cell or deposit it in an excavator, it ALWAYS resets your selected weapon to your primary. Please fix this.
  14. Stalker sure does like to show up in places he shouldn't. Remember when the Stalker would show up and obliterate the defense target then leave? 🙂
  15. Hmmm. Maybe they will add Nullifier Security Cameras and Turrets... Nullifier Control Panels? OOO! Nullifier Reinforced Glass. 😉
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