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Need Some Help...



Hello guys,


I joined yesterday and i LOVE this game!

But i have some questions...

1) What can i do with credits? ( I have 40K atm. )

2) What are Blueprints, I can buy with credits but i dont know what they do.. ( there not guns right? )

3) Can i buy Guns/Melees... With Credits?

And the most important


4) How can i do abilities? ... :/   

I already setted 2 abiities ingame. but i dont know how to use them. Wich keystoke or something?...
I tried almost everything but it wont do an abilitie.

I can only do ( E + Jump ) And then it does something with my sword but i dont think thats an abilitie? :/

Please help me out, i'd love this game but i just need to know some more info.. :)


Thanks you!

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If you click the "Arsenal" button at the top, it will open the loadout/inventory management pages, have a mess around.

Abilities are equipped in the modding screen for the warframe, each frame has 4 abilities, activated by pressing the 1-4 number keys. Each costs a set amount of energy to use.


Blueprints can be bought in the shop, for most things. Weapons can be bought directly with Platinum (Real-world-currency intermediary) or buy the blueprints with credits, then craft in the foundry. A few mediocre weapons can be bought directly with credits.


Check Youtube for a Warframe - Getting started guide.

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1) buy blueprints, fuse mods/cores, fund foundry stuff, research clan tech, pretty much everything.

2) blue prints go into foundry and are required for building weapons, so lets say you get Cronus blueprint, go to the foundry and it will say what resources you need and how many credits it costs, then you can build it, wait a few hours and vuala, you have a new weapon.

3) weapons are acquired either by straight plat purchase or by a blueprint, blueprints are the free method and can be acquired via the market, clan research, or for some weapons as rewards.

4) generally, 1 2 3 4 correspond with the abilities, and unless you have changed it (like me) the middle mouse button uses the selected ability, which can be selected by scrolling the wheel.

ps welcome to war frame, enjoy.

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