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Vay Hek Deathmark Not Sending.



Hi everyone,


I don't really know if I should post this here or in the bugs forum, I would appreciate that a moderator correct me if I'm wrong.


Sorry if I do some grammar errors, english is no my native language.


So, as the title say, I only saw the G3 once and it was spawned by another guy deathmark.

I decided to try having the brakk since I had a part of it, and I started doing invasions against grineers with my friend lately. We did about 30-40 invasions missions and still getting no deathmark. I remember that I have done the one on Lex of yersterday 10 times in a row and I still didn't get any letter. My friend didn't had any letter either, but he did 3 invasions missions against corpus, got a deathmark and got attacked by the harvester.

Is it normal? Do any of you guys have the same problem?



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I've never even seen the G3, despite having been marked for quite some time now...

Now I remember! I've been marked like... I don't know maybe a month and a half now, they never showed up! But... I did a buuuuunnnnnch of grineer missions, so why do they not spawn?

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