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Tigris Prime Suggestions-


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i'm a bit of a fan, but i know where its flaws lie, i would love to see a variation of this weapon come forth and deal with its flaws and i really don't think the following would break the game at all...


i think the base damage should remain the same in total, but... i would like to see the damage per pellet reduced by half, but the pellet count doubled to 8 instead. so it would basically look as follows



60   Impact

40  Puncture

100 Slash

(divided between 8 pellets)


10  Accuracy

2.0 Fire Rate

2.0x@21% critical chance

15% status

2 Magazine

1.2 second reload


with the improvement on reload and critical as well as overall stopping power with no change to base damage and a balancing drop in status, i think you'd see a lot of people using it as the fun shotgun type that it is for the huge bursts on pretty much anything it would still remain in a spot where its uses would be relatively limited, but it would be closer to being usable on higher level missions

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the tigris has 200 damage per shot? i thought it was 140? i think tigris prime should be like 170-155 with better reload and status, since reload is pretty much fire rate on this wep

it's 160 slash, 20 each on impact and puncture.

 still though, 4 point pellet count.

 so each pellet hits pretty friggin hard.

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