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A Few Bugs


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I have noticed a few bugs in the last update of warframe. I will start with the most game breaking.


The first is attacking with your melee weapon as fast as you can click. If you switch between melee only and rifle over and over and attack between the switching you will glitch yourself to attacking with your melee weapon as fast as you can click. It isn't easy to do that but once you do it right you will be able to kill EVERYTHING in seconds or less. Whenever you actually do that though you wont be able to crit. I first found that bug out with the Vekta then i tested it with the Dual Ichors and the Dragon Nikana. It seems that this glitch is strongest with high dmg weapons and low attack speed doesn't matter.


The second bug is that the HUD can sometimes break and not respond(this happens mostly after succeeding with the first bug but also happens while just playing the game normaly). The shields/hp bars as well as the energy bar stop working. The mini-map stops working but the big map works just fine. The timers on ablilites such as Rhino Roar and Frost's Snowglobe work just fine.


I didn't know where to report such bugs so i just posted this on the forum. I this post helps fixing those problems. Or abusing them.

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