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Got Scammed Need Help Please



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Trying very hard not to laugh right now, but anyways,

No you will most likely not get your plat back, you lost it through your own foolishness and DE does not need to compensate you for doing so.


Take it as a lesson for the future and learn from it.

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500 plat for a lesson learned. Some people end up paying much more to learn what you learned today.

At least now you know when someone else is offering psn cards for plat, it's a lie. Every time. You can use psn cards to buy plat.

And now you also know if something seems like it's too good of a deal to be real, it is.

You're not likely to get the plat back and honestly you shouldn't get it back. Take the knowledge you now have and move forward.

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sorry but OP only has themselves to blame, and if one reads the very top of the trade channel it does say that DE can not and will not enforce trades for promises pretty much and you decided to trade for an out of game item which in all honesty is a pretty obvious scam right there, i say let the trader keep his easy earned plat and let this be a lesson to the OP for trading for oog items in the first place.


may seem harsh but that might just be the EVE-Online part of me talking

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