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Need Some Presentation Help.


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Alright guys, not sure if this is the right place to get some help with this, but here's the situation.


I've been doing this series, Stakhanov's Builds, for a number of months now; when I did the videos, the majority of them were up to date and were perfectly viable; of course, some of the mechanics of Damage 2.0, or the guns themselves have changed and rendered them less than effective.


Anyway, since I'm getting a few more subscribers and a bit of popularity than I thought, I thought it was time to upgrade from what I currently have as a setup/structure, and I want to make my videos seem a bit more... "Army Informational" rather than "Casual Facts".


Below, I have an embedded video of one of my more popular guides. It's obviously very basic. I really need some pointers on how to add a massive role of professionalism to this.

I have 3D Animation skills and have some manually created models of the majority of guns in this game, and I thought I could incorporate some of them to get my points across more skillfully? Obviously not trumping content for flashy effects, but it's about time I brought my presentation up significantly.


I need a way to present and communicate my guns; a way to present the mods, ways to spruce up the gameplay for the builds.


I also plan on investing in a professional quality microphone to get this job done more effectively.


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I dunno man. I love the videos the way they are. Been following then since the beginning :)


Well, what I've got is a good, clear structure that's consistent and I think that's good.


Intro, Info, Construction, Damage, Mods, Reasoning, Outro.


I think that's clear. It's more the presentation to make them look more professional than anything.

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Then maybe make some sort of moving 3D model of the weapon and use sections of it to highlight specific pros and cons of the weapon, similar to the system used in Mass Effect? I dunno if that's going to be too much work though.

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