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Harvester's Mark



Hello Tennos,

after a massive farming of both G3 and stalker (enough to complete the codex about them and have all the weapons they drop), I would like to go for the Detron.

Problem is I can't get a death mark from Alad V: I'm doing operations only against corpus, siding always with Grineer, but the death mark never comes.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is it a bug?

Is It working as intended but I'm just unlucky (still... 10 days of pro grineer operations)?

Any help is welcome.

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Well... I didn't receive any message from Alad V. So it would be a bug, but I can't verify it without the Harvester spawning on me, and for now It never happened.

I'll try and join an harvester farm train to see the result. Ty for your attention

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