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Wts Prime Parts And Arcane Helmets

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Also some mods. Platinum only. Send me a message here or in-game.

Prime Parts:

Boar Prime Barrel x1

Boar Prime Receiver x1

Boar Prime BP x4

Boltor Prime Barrel x2

Boltor Prime Stock x1

Braton Prime BP x1

Burston Prime Barrel x1

Dakra Prime Blade x2

Dakra Prime Handle x1

Ember Prime Helmet x6

Fang Prime Blade x2

Frost Prime BP x1

Frost Prime Chassis x3

Frost Prime Helmet x5

Frost Prime Systems x1

Glaive Prime Disc x3

Latron Prime Barrel x2

Latron Prime BP x1

Latron Prime Receiver x4

Latron Prime Stock x2

Mag Prime Chassis x2

Mag Prime Helmet x2

Orthos Prime Blade x2

Orthos Prime Handle x3

Paris Prime BP x2

Paris Prime Lower Limb x7

Paris Prime String x1

Rhino Prime Systems x1

Sicarus Prime Barrel x6

Sicarus Prime BP x1

Stance Mods:

Coiling Viper x1

Iron Phoenix x1


Pistol Pestilence



Hammer Shot

Split Chamber


Fired Up

Arcane Helmets:

Backdraft Ember

Chlora Saryn

Chorus Banshee

Coil Mag

Esprit Vauban

Essence Loki

Gambit Vauban

Hemlock Saryn

Menticide Nyx

Meridian Trinity

Phoenix Ember

Pulse Volt

Reverb Banshee

Scorpion Ash

Storm Volt

Swindle Loki

Thrak Rhino

Vanguard Rhino

Vespa Nyx


Vay Hek Triangulator x1

T4 Exterminate x4

T4 Defense x3

T4 Capture x3

T3 Survival x2

T3 M.Defense x4

T3 Exterminate x2

T3 Defense x16

T3 Capture x1

T2 Survival x50

T2 M.Defense x4

T2 Defense x7

T2 Capture x1

T1 Survival x7

T1 Defense x2

T1 Capture x4

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