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Can't Buy Platinum With Rixty



When I try to buy the 2100 Platinum and choose the option to pay with Rixty the window that opens do not recognize my balance on the Rixty account, saying it's not enough.


The thing is I DO have enough to buy it and it's like after I log in on my Rixty account (through the window that opens on the warframe website) it doesn't even load anything, only saying I have "R$ ,00".


Now if I log in on the Rixty website it will clearly show the "R$ 61,27" I have.


The only reason I put money in my Rixty account was because I got the 75% off bonus on daily reward and without being able to buy it, with only 20 hours left, I'm afraid I will lose the chance to buy and the R$ 60,00 I put today will have been wasted until (who knows when) the next time I get yet another 75% off.


Edit: Sorry for the polluted image but let me explain


Background: Rixty website.

Left: Window that opened on Warframe website, where I logged in my Rixty account. It says I have ",00".

Right: Same kind of window when I tried to buy with Rixty on website other than Warframe's. It does recognize how much I have and it can clearly be seen that I would be able to buy the 2100 plat with that amount.



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This might be the kind of thing a support ticket would help with; if for no other reason than it being a plat-related issue.


Have you looked up to see if anyone else has had this problem, ie: Google'd it or whatever? Even with other games, there might be a specific issue.

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I tried a quick Google and didn't see anything show up. At the very least, it's not that common. I tried sending a ticket but if by some remote chance anyone knew a way to "fix" it it would be nice, as I'm not sure I will be able to use internet that much tomorrow (it's almost 00:00 here).


Also, this problem, as far as I could see, is only with the Warframe website. I tested on Kongregate to see if there it would recognize my balance and it did.

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I checked out the image but admittedly I can't understand it completely (mostly because I uh, don't understand Spanish. my mexican roots would be disappointed in me).


Do you know if there's any way you can buy platinum other than through Warframe's direct website? If you don't hear from anything from a report ticket within the day, I'm just not sure what you can do (and I was hoping someone else might know better...).




This is the only site I've found, but I admit that it looks like it doesn't account for your platinum discount (making it pretty useless...). Wish I could help more but it doesn't look like there are many people who pay with Rixty from Warframe. I've personally never heard of it being used (and only just heard about some really old skins they promoted. weird)

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I'm starting to fear I've just thrown away the equivalent of ~$30,00. There's really no other game other than Warframe I believe it would be using money on (at least that I know that accepts Rixty) and if it is really impossible to make the purchase through this third party... I don't know.


If I go on Store and then "Buy Platinum" at warframe.com, between the payment options there is clearly a tab saying "Rixty" and when I click it the values that are showed are the ones updated with the 75% off. Maybe like you said they don't accept purchases with discount but then the "Buy Platinum" page on Warframe should be updated saying that. It's literally saying I can buy it but when I try I can't make the purchase.


It's not like I'll be getting my money back anyway so... ugh.


Sorry. It's not like I got any response to the ticket yet, but I was so happy about the discount and the way it stands now I only see that money vanishing in thin air as the time passes while I start to feel like an idiot for trying to buy virtual game money...

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It can be a hassle, but the peeps who handle the support tickets are actually fairly generous. If you have that image to prove that this happened, there's still the possibility that if they help you with it after the 75% off has passed-- meaning that they could probably just give you a quick 75% off coupon or something for the purchase.


I can't say for sure, but they're usually pretty nice about that kind of stuff and if you're willing to pay money it's less likely that they'd just shrug it off, right? I mean, DE is a business and you're the customer, so I doubt they'd completely screw you over.


The best thing you can do for now is wait to see if anyone knows about this issue, and whenever you get word back from the support ticket you may be able to get your stuff. At this point there's not a whole lot you can do, but not all hope is lost just yet.

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