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Wrath Of The Lotus Recruiting.


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Any rules against one man clans ? The restbof my small ghost clan has moved on but my dojo is massive and with no way to recoup anybof the materials i really do not want to give it up. Im looking for people to play with on a regular basis and since i was gone for 10 months Id like to start getting in on trials and other hihger tier content

I'm sorry, but I don't think having a solo clan in our alliance would be good for us on a long-term basis.


Couch Potato Gamers is looking for an alliance, our clan recruitment poster is bellow. If you want me to edit the post i will be happy to. We are currently 8-10 members strong with a couple more of our main clan looking to join us over the next couple of days. We are an established multi game gaming community. If we meet your profile for an alliance please message me on PSN or Warfame and we can set up a meeting.


*Couch Potato Gamers*


Couch Potato Gamers are now Recruiting 18+  Casual, Mature Players.

Contact Rieader21 via PSN message for Clan invite. Members must maintain active status (logging into CPG website at least once a month) in order to maintain higher than soldier rank.


Only Three rules

Be Respectful 

No other Clans

Must be at least 18 years old.


We are a casual Multi Game Community with over 300 members. We primarily focus on BF4, Destiny, GTA, CoD, and now WarFrame. We have a fully built Dojo to include all research labs, a dueling room, and a Obstacle course.


If you are interested in Joining one of the longest running clans, then send an application to http://www.couchpota...ers.org/joingam


A little more about us. 



We are a casual group of gamers who enjoy the escape from life that gaming allows us to have. While we all may have families, work, chores, school, or any other "real-life" obligations we understand that gaming can be that outlet you may need. With that in mind we developed Couch Potato Gamers. We are gamers that do not have time to develop an amazing KDR or have mandatory practices where we teach what barrels to camp behind. We are real gamers.....people that want to have fun and play games with people that think like us. We use tactics, we use teamwork...we also play while kids are asking us to do things, we never take things too serious. We tell bad jokes, we die alot (or at least I do), we are not online 24/7, we will likely give you a hard way to go for going 3-52, but will likely have a similar KDR a few games later...no one here is in MLG or will pretend to be. We are all adults and treat each other with the respect that comes with being an adult. If any part of this sounds like what you want then welcome aboard...please go here --->



Are you the leader? You have only 29h playtime, which to be honest, is concerning for me since that is nowhere near long enough to have a good knowledge of the game, but to be a clan leader?

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Guest (PS4) RyanRFC12345

We will be recruiting excessively until our roster is full. If you're interested in joining, please contact me with your clan name, tier and number of active members

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