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Fix For Getting One Thing Again And Again?


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I hate how I sometimes keep getting things again and again.

So, I was thinking, maybe instead, receiving things will go like this:

For normal mods and stuff, the more you have of them, the higher chances are that you'll get something else from enemy drop tables. Like, a 0.01% improvement.

Same thing for Void and other mission rewards.

This way, after you get #69201 *insert common mod here*, you get a pretty high chance to get something else!

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It would be impossible for the mod drops to change depending on your mod inventory because when you are in a squad, everyone has obtained a different amount and variety of mods, so there isn't really a feasible way to account for all that. Also, enemy drop tables are limited to about 7-9 mods, with about half of them being common, and the remaining half being split between rare and uncommon mods. A system like you described would artificially inflate the chances of getting uncommon and rare mods, because you will most likely be getting common mods, which would then increase the chances of rarer mods. 


The bottom line is, it's RNG, just deal with it or trade.

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