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Nearly One Hour Stressstest On Infested ...


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you find your game, you find the team and you play nearly one hour, wave after wave


airsupport after airsupport, you get the void key, the money and tons of mods and stuff


and BUMM, the game quits another time for no reason


keep up your good work, DE !


ps: for the technical protocoll: crash happened as i entered the "door" to the place where the game ends :P


there was a very short - just like a invisible stopwall - and the next what i have seen after a few moments of a frozen window was my desktop ...


it was not the first time, i never expirienced a run which goes over 20 mins was finished regularly, the game quits


and no, my comp is not too lame or whatever, no, it was not my internet-conn ...

i see also often other players which get moved off the actual game

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Yeah, Nvidia's really dropped the ball with recent PhysX releases. Try turning it off if you're using it and getting crashes. Their drivers all this year have had the same problems with PhysX.


Hopefully they'll fix it... one day.

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