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Weapon Concept- Gunstock War Club


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This weapon idea is inspired by a recent project to make my own Native American style gunstock war club. Those who are fans of "Last of the Mohicans" movie will know it as the melee weapon carried by Chingachgook played by the late Russell Means. It was also featured in Assassin’s Creed 3.


For an examples see the links provided: 




It would be a Tenno weapon with the wood and silver design.


2-handed weapon

Stance: Axe and greatsword

Speed: on par with the Bo


Attack properties:

 This will be a thrown weapon in the vein of the glaive and kestrel. However with will not bounce as these do, but will instead travel in a straight line. It will have 2 ways of throwing the weapon. The normal throw will be overhanded and the second will in tale a flat sidearm throw done by holding left or right. Now for the futuristic stuff. Instead of returning immediately it will stick in whatever it hits. The initial hit will deal impact damage while the blade will deal slash that can proc a bleed. If the target that is stuck dies, it returns to the player or the player can manully recall the club to them. On the throw and the return it has a chance to knockdown all enemies in the clubs path. The jump attack will deal magnetic damage.

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+1 OP


great movie and great scene reference btw


I disagree with the throwing however, the gunstock club is NOT a throwing weapon, all that aside however, "the rule of cool" and all that jazz, you got some neat ideas still

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