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Key Sharing Idea, Ui Addition.


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Since a lot of people are requesting key sharing of certain void keys, and also there are many instances where these keys don't get shared, which causes people to be sad and frustrated, I thought maybe something easy can be done about this.


Key sharing UI in hosting void missions.


The idea is the host can convert his session into a keysharing session where players agree to have their own key, which is similar to the hosted key, consumed after successfuly completing the mission. This will provide the following:


1- more rewards for one run

  a- survival gets four rewerds at every 5 mins interval instead of one, also no reward can repeat twice, for example. which means more chance to get the other loot.

  b- defense and intercept will also get four rewards or continue battling.


2- credits rewards should be given to one key only, or for all four keys, since this can be the backdraw of the keysharing.


3- endless and stressful repetition of void missions should be over.


4- not all players should necessarily have the key to play, but those who enter the session will have their keys consumed.


5- the fear of having other players betray you or skip on you should go away, knowing that the keys are shared and rewards are given.


basically upon entering a key sharing session a player should be notified that it is so, this i think should benefit everyone and stop lots of whining, it will also give a chance for new loot tables.


any thoughts on this :) ?

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Though I like the idea there is 1 problem. Why on earth would you do a void mission without a sharing lobby? if it quadrupples the rewards then nobody would do them if it's just 1 key. The idea is good but it wouldn't really work I'm afraid. To be honest i wouldn't know of a better way either. Forcing a squad into 4 consecutive games can't be done. If one has to go then the rest is stuck with an AFK.


And this is why key trading was introduced. Trade keys you don't need for the one you do need. Yet another problem... trading is so heavily focussed on platinum that you rarely find people actually trading.


If you can I reccommend key sharing with as many friends and clan members as possible to reduce the risks of a "leecher"

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i think four rewards every 5 minute is a bit OP.

But there is a big difference;

doing for example an exterminate keyshare is easy, 4 quick runs. But doing a survival keyshare is not realstic, its four runs of 1 hour....before the end someone of the party will obviously leave because they cant play 4 hours.



Easiest solution (in my opinion) would be to let keys drop in stacks of four from now, and then everyone in the party needs a key to play.

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Remember for survival you're getting 4 rewards at once because 4 keys are being consumed here. 3 rewards for 3 keys and so on. the drawback would be you'll be getting less xp and less credits since you're doing 1 run instead of 4 or 3 or 2.

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