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Warframe Ultimate Power Tweaking Mods.


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Imagine if they had new sets of mods specifically for warframe ultimate attacks meant to add bonus effects like a slowing blizzard after frost's avalanche attack or something to make excalibur's radial javelin a frontal torrent of death like a shotgun blast of death instead of a radial one, these are just a few ideas but the possibilities are endless if you think about it. 

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They said Alternate helmets would no longer apply stat effects.

perhaps ult tweeking effects like you've said?

"Excal Penndragon, changes from radial, to frontal barrage"
"Excal (what ever the other one is) , changes from skana swords, to glaives, and they bounce after hiting enemies or walls"

"loki Essence, radial disarm also snares all units"
"Loki swindle, radial disarm also reduces armor by XX%"
type thing.

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