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  1. Probably. Given that we just recently got some visual updates in a couple places depicting ship to ship combat it would be an interesting discussion.
  2. This actually brings up an interesting topic...ship to ship combat between the Grineer and the Corpus
  3. The direct energy transfer of a weapon isn't what makes it dangerous. Cavitation, direct tissue damage, and pain reactions all factor in to the stopping power of a weapon. Our current laser weapons are used in a different role, mostly to burn out electronics and damage aircraft flight equipment. We can assume in the future they would have laser anti-personnel weapons, although most Orokin weapons that we see seem to use solid projectiles. A bullet would work in space, although missiles would be the preferred ship-to-ship weapon.
  4. Well what I got from the excal codex was that the sentients are masters of science. They're possibly much older than the Orokin, and they have vast knowledge of the material sciences to the point where they can bend technology against its masters. To fight this, the Orokin turned to people wielding powers born from a place science and reason could never hope to understand.
  5. Well, the sentients were masters of technology somehow, so the only way they could defeat them was by harnessing void "magic"
  6. I don't think the sentients are from the void either. As far as we know they're from their own star system, and the void is uninhabited.
  7. Basically, the tenno are incredibly malajusted. They've had a sense of worthlessness and abandonment issues since childhood, which leads them to cling to anyone who acknowledges them. Beyond that, the tenno are child soldiers. There's documentation pointing to child soldiers suffering from extreme social isolation, difficulty coming to grasps with the end of a war, and in some cases even large memory loss. This would be consistent with the memory loss the tenno experienced, their devotion to the lotus, and their continuation of conflict for no apparent reason.
  8. I'm gonna have to agree with Teq here. Vor is a borderline religious fanatic, I believe his comments were more metaphorical than concrete. Beyond that, switching frames is a gameplay convenience, not a matter of lore. The physiology of tenno may be strange and mutated, but they're still human(ish).
  9. Oh, must have missed that one. I'm interested to see how Oberon turns out, what with his character archetype and crazy weird body proportions.
  10. What about ash, oberon, and nekros?
  11. Who'd you use as a model for her?
  12. Keep up the good work OP. Even if they were straight copy and pasted I wouldn't care, it's obvious you've put a great deal of thought into capturing each frame's personality. Looking forward to seeing the rest.
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