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New Clan Dojo Room [Holodeck]


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Bored of the old maps and tile sets?

Need a place to test that new gun?

Want to test that new recruit before ranking him up?

Well you will have to wait because this mechanic is nonexistent for now.


The idea of a holodeck in your clan dojo is it would give you a place to create or enter maps that you or the creater has made. 

These rooms would be small around 1-3 tilesets 

It would work much like how decorating your dojo works. You would go to a blank room open a terminal and you would be given the option to create your own obstical course, create traps, spawn enemys, and basically allow you to run through a simulation 


Not only is this lore friendly it also would be easy 


It would allow you to create your own rooms fit with a objective, enemys, traps, and more. Then allow you to save that room run through it again or go back in and edit it.



Why this is good you may ask is because it allows you to test weapons, and there stats without going into a mission. For example say you just want to test a new weapon and oh no the mods you put on it suck. If you abort that mission it logs that as a failed mission on your profile and no one likes that right? 


With this it would allow you to test weapons, warframes, and different builds without having to run through a mission with a potential crappy build.


Any ideas, comments, or suggestions?

Feel free to comment away!

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