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More Dual Positive+Negative Stat Mods


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Oh yes, add more mods to dilute the drop tables even more.

hey, it's not his fault rng is terrible, and i agree, there should be more of those mods, how about make it so every mission in the derelict besides or including high level ones idk will have an equal amount of mods, being able to drop, and not just ALL OF THE MODS ARE EVERYWHERE GOOD LUCK BYE, should improve it at least a little bit, and i would love to see more of those mods and a buff to some of the existing ones, like the magazine ones maybe? Well yeah, 1+
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TBH I don't see much use of the dual stat mods unless you want to use specific specialized builds.  To me the problem isn't that there's a negative stat, but that the negative stat almost completely cancels out the benefit.  Such as spoiled strike - more damage, but less speed, ok we're back at square one unless you are focusing on a max damage channel, lifestrike, berserker build


or bigger clip size but slower reload speed-  ok cool so now my overall DPS will be like exactly the same


or more more power but less range - ok cool so I'll definitely kill everyone standing right next to me when I press 4


or more range but less power -  Sweet a mod specifically made for Loki

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I think the corrupted mods warped the gameplay for the worse.

Mods like fleeting expertise, narrow minded, overextended allow for interesting builds, but in most cases, they are used for radical min/maxing and often broken gameplay.

For the ones for the weapons... Heavy caliber is just a second Serration. As if weapons weren't strong enough already.

(please, if you, the reader of this post, are to burst out, that we need it for t4 and wave xy, hold your breath.

Weapons took us far enough before, T4 adds nothing except Vor and is just a shortcut to higher levels.)

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