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Face's Feedback And Suggestion Thread


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After playing this game for a while i have been thinking about changes that i would like to see. all of this is something i have been thinking about for quite a while




I feel like there is not a whole lot of abilities that are bad or useless, but those that are have something in common. they lack a "passive" component or scaling. With passives i mean like ragdolling, panic, slows, armor ignore, health increase, shield increase, etc. Buffing numbers is a badly thought through way of fixing things. Adding new mechanics on the other hand is a better choice. either by changing and replacing or just adding more stuff. Remember these abilities need to be worth enough to be picked up in at least one "serious" build that can go in to the later stages of the game. 



All it does is stop ONE guy from attacking until he takes around 300 health damage, do 350 cold damage. Make the ice on the target shatter (after he takes 300 health damage or dies) and apply a debuff to surrounding enemies to take increased cold based damage (cold, viral, blast and magnetic). 


Null Star

This ability is rng based (you can't target one specific enemy unless it is alone) and you have to wait until all of the spheres is used. Make each sphere give a slight increase in (base?)shields while active, or change the damage to  enemy level*appropriate number. This type of damage works only since we can't directly control targeting.



This one lacks the ability to get bigger through modding. Range mods should have an effect on this. More range = bigger radius and wider ring (not a whole lot bigger now it is 4m diameter and 1m thick with 100% range increase it could be 6m diameter and 1,5m thick). negative range "buffs" should have opposite effects (ofc)


Psychic Bolts

A little decrease in energy cost (40 or 35) might not be a bad idea, and give it the ability to pass through objects in the world (maybe not floor, ceiling and walls), it is a mind attack, not a physical attack.



This is an amazing ability, but it needs to be cast more than once to do anything later in the game. Giving the projectiles a slight homing tendency once an enemy is close enough (affected by power range) could be the saving grace for this ability.


Hallowed Ground

This isn't really a lackluster ability but it feels like it. maybe give it a slow like Molecular Prime (strength based additive) starting at something small(10-20%), giving the players a little more options on Oberon.


Sonic boom

This skill is a skill that has a very specific use, knocking down enemies and pushing them away. Since it is called Sonic Boom, add a bleed proc since it would blow out their eardrums.





This is what i think and feel about the different frames that is worth to take a note about. this is while thinking about the late(st?) stage of the game. (think 30 min T4)



A great frame, she boosts your damage while not having much on her own. She has great CC potential just from intensify. her ult is a little overkill in the starchart but most things are in this game. Could maybe add a slight delay on each explosion (0.2s) or something, that could make for better looking ultimate instead of the currently EVERYONE DIES AT THE SAME TIME style we have now. This way we have a proper chain reaction



Armor ignore is love armor ignore is life. The changes to his ult is great and when they came he felt like a proper frame.



She feels underwhelming when i play her. She lacks synergy between her skills, maybe make Misma ticks on enemies pop Venom spore if they have one attached?



For a water frame he feels really stiff. His Tidal Surge could benefit from a change to not restrict our movement (not just straight forward) anymore, this would also make him more unique and more fluent.



His super jump ability seems out of place on the guy. I'm not saying remove it, but make Excalibur able to benefit more from it. Air Areal Javelin? Knockdown?




I have been thinking about the mod changes they mentioned in the devstreams (different rarities), but they also said that these mods were going to be rewards from quest or am I crazy? At least they should, or the drops could scale from enemy levels (1-7 commons, 7-12 uncommon, 12- -> rares)


Ability mods in the drop tables. Well, we have had the suggestion to add them to specters, yes but that brings the problem, how often have you faced a Saryn in a Dark Sector Conflict?

My suggestion is this: once you fully rank an ability mod, you unlock a recipe for transmuting THAT SPECIFIC mod and the mods required should scale (only commons for the first ability). This recipe don't work until you have ranked that mod fully. The transmuting menu should also tell you if you have put in the the combination for an ability mod. 


Damage mods and skill.

This is a skill game, but the damage mods push the skill requirement WAY BACK. This is a player created problem that each player must deal with themselves. 


Band-aid mods

Some of these mods are really good, you just have to stomach the loss of another mod. You don't need that blind rage in T1 cap. T4 sure go nuts.


The little things


Ability targeting

Certain abilities require pinpoint accuracy to pull off (Ash's teleport, Smite, Switch Teleport, this list goes on) some of these abilities will actually slow down the flow of the game. Making the required target area the circle (red) and prioritize targets closer to the center (dot) this would not change much for those that are used to the pinpoint targeting, but might help newer players. 




Adding a health bar whenever ironskin is active could save lives. like so:



Knockdowns are cheap

Well use them band aid mods if they annoy you. Personally i am so ninja that i dodge them (copter FTW)


Melee combos

"THEY TAKE TOO MUCH TIME AND EFFORT TO DO AND NOT WORTH IT" I have said it almost every thread i have seen this complained about, ALL COMBOS CAN BE DONE WITH MASHING E just hold backwards or block depending on the combo you want to do. sometimes you need to time the backwards holding (hold after some swings on the machete stance)

plz dont fix this DE


Melee weapon switch

Mashing E then holding it with primary out should leave the melee weapon as the active weapon, same goes for switching weapon to the melee while meleeing.


EDIT: just thought of another one: change the size of the chat window


Game praising (@$$ kissing/boot licking) section


this is the only game that keeps drawing me back to it. i take a weeks pause then i get the urge to kill some grineer again. It is not only the updates that draws me back, it is the joy of the game itself that draws me back. 


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Welp, it's feedback time.



1. Null Star.

I agree that it could use a buff. But I think it's better if they just added a knockdown or stagger effect. I mean, you did just get hit by a speeding ball of antimatter.


2. Freeze

I don't have Frost so I can't comment on this. But I do notice that this ability is rarely used. My suggestion is a continues beam of Ice that you can aim. It gradually drains energy like Soundquake and Absorb.


3. Fireblast

Again, I don't have Ember so I can't comment on this. But I think your suggestion is good.

4. Psychic Bolts


I'm actually debating on whether or not I should build Nyx nest, but that entirely depends on how fun she is.
Anyhoo, the party streamers. I think everyone agrees that this should get a buff. The "going through world geometry" thing may just work. Especially when an enemy is stuck below the map.

5. Smite and Hallowed ground

DE_Scott is currently looking at Oberon. Expect a few changes in U14.


6. Sonic Boom.

Sonic Boom is fine the way it is. It doesn't need any buffs or changes.
It knocks the enemy down regardless of level, at which point you can do a finisher on them as well as put a couple of shots in.
The bleed proc may make sense, but I think Grineer and Corpus armor make up for that. Infested I doubt even have ears, and Robots are still just robots.



I agree with this. DE Please add.


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6. Sonic Boom.

Sonic Boom is fine the way it is. It doesn't need any buffs or changes.

It knocks the enemy down regardless of level, at which point you can do a finisher on them as well as put a couple of shots in.

The bleed proc may make sense, but I think Grineer and Corpus armor make up for that. Infested I doubt even have ears, and Robots are still just robots.



it is more for the lower levels, i know the knockback is rocking higher up

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