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(Good And Reasonable) Community Content Ideas For Warframe


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Hello this is a topic will be about ideas that YOU (The community) have or would like to see implemented into Warframe.

I will begin


I would personally like to see a invasion mission done on Your (the player's) dojo, where all the members of a clan must contribute to defending the dojo. with enemies scattered about the dojo, where im going with this:


A). have it be a continuation of the rail wars, sending in specter versions of corpus or just tenno spectres over all


B). The enemies have found your dojo and are now invading it (possibly allow multiplayer by allowing random people come into the dojo to fend them off?)


regardless i also feel like research could be opened up, researching defensive turrets?


some cons of this: 

A). Dojos for the most part are not small by any means, and take a while to load for some people.





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