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Survival Door Locked


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Hey guys,

So I was playing survival and what happened was that we only managed to get to about 28 minutes by ourselves.

Then when we tried to run for exit we kind of ran into this door that was "Locked" (in yellow) even though I already hacked terminal..therefore I am not even sure if I received rewards.


I will send a support ticket as well but this bug seriously infuriated me.







What exactly happened:

So, this is what I believe is what caused this bug.

The other tenno accidentally shot out the windows, upon which the doors locked to as usual and then I hacked the terminal to lock the windows.


All doors unlocked except that one, however upon reaching it the terminal next to it was hackable, I followed on and nothing happened and that was the only way we could go to the exit.


So obviously we failed the mission because there was nothing we could do, no other terminal was available.

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The other tenno


Wasn't that a door needing two person to unlock? One on each side? Because you picture is cut just where the second terminal should be on the right. And also the terminal in front of the door is green, so you should be able to lauch the unlock session.




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