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Wts Cicero, Arcane Helmets.

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MODS Cicero
Malignant Force-40
Toxic Barrage-40
Pistol Pestilance-40
Virulent Scourge-40
All - 120
Arcane Rhino Helmet (Movement Speed +25% Power Strength -5%) - 200pl
Arcane Squall Frost Helmet (Power Strength +15% Shield Max -5%) - 130pl
Arcane Pendragon Excalibur Helmet (Power Strength +15% Armor -5%) -130pl
Arcane Swindle Loki Helmet (Power Range +15% Health Max -5%) - 130pl
Arcane Coil Mag Helme (Power Range +25% Shield Max -5%) - 150pl
Arcane Aura Trinity Helmet (Power duration +25% Health Max -5%) - 150pl
Arcane Storm Volt Helmet (Power Strength +10% Stamina Max -5%) - 120pl

Full Frost Prime - 80pl

PM here or in-game.
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