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Reason Why The New Ui Won't Be Changed?


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One of the reasons, I think, that the new UI is staying is because of the Kubrows.
The way they've set it up is that you have to go over and "interact" with your pet (in the least Space-Ninja-Assassin-y way possible...) all the time or it will... whatever it does if you don't do that.

This requires an interactive UI, because it would be pointless to just have a button on the old Menu called "interact with Kubrow" that you just click once every 2 minutes or whatever.

However, this is not a GOOD reason for keeping the Ui, since that fact of the Kubrow's existence is just bad. Really. I also read it takes like 3 hours to get a kubrow back to full strength after stasis? I don't play Warframe for 3 hours at a time, seriously. And I have a job, and school, so I can't always come online just to pet him and feed him and clean up his litter box, so I'm going to be putting him in stasis quite often.

So, my recommendation is remove this... frustratingly simply and clingy/needy ("please come play our game. Please? If you don't, a puppy will die!") gameplay, and then give us a UI that is functional.

Not pretty, functional.

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we should have shortcuts to every main function at any time under our hand, like we had that top bar before.. but now we have to hit 'escape', then select category, subcategory (who's got the idea to group those things like that? very bad idea) and then maybe we might find what we wanted. That really doubles the number of clicks we must do to reach a certain function. the 'esc' key is not used how it should be.

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Doubles? mm.


Before -


Move mouse to icon in menu bar.

Click on icon.


Now -


Press escape.

Move mouse to category.

Click on category.

Move mouse to sub-catagory

Click on sub-catagory


Then for many functions, there are also additional actions you need to take...

(Also, not all actions are weighted equally...but let's not get too deep into UI theory here)

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Kubrows are optional? I'm not sure what exactly you are more concerned with kubrows, player ship or the UI *elements*, mostly you really complain about are the kubrows. *just to be clear I'm neither a fan or a hater of them*


So...hey..lets get a new UI again...and guess what..it will still be a bugfest when it launches.

And I have to disagree with the argument kubrows NEED this UI. It simply doesn't. The biggest reason I see is unification of UI's throughout the platforms and setting the stage for/integration into the player ship aspect*and in the future the hub*. Ya know, kinda like how MS did that to their product lines.


You don't have to like the new UI(or player ship), by all means. Calling it buggy(and more cumbersome) is highly appropriate and I would agree with you there. But that's were we part ways. I'll leave the kubrow discussion for suited topics.


Edit: Added "cumbersome"

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