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  1. This is a very creative warframe and ability set. I like this a lot, especially how the second ability is affected by channeling. I think your original abilities are the best out of the ones you have in the OP.
  2. I would actually really like this as an option -- have the new frame think they're grineer and have IT BE THE BOSS PROTECTING ITS OWN BLUEPRINTS!
  3. Can't actually see the OP's picture because the image host is blocked here, but I'm assuming they were stuck on a loading screen, or had that fuzzy white border UI glitch thing. In either case, if it's only 1 player bugged out like that wouldn't a destroy command mess things up for the other players currently running the game, since it's a host-based system, relaying data from the host to all the clients, not 1-to-1 between server and client?
  4. Seems normal, right? Then you learn that this was for the duration of the mission. UI overlay on top (disabled in screenshots), and I was fully able to move my character, shoot, see health bars of things on the top of the screen, use abilities, see the map... Apparently my three teammates were totally fine, and graciously completed the mission w/ countdown because I couldn't. This was the orokin cell (1) alert that was just up. Just a heads up that this can happen, and I have no idea what caused it.
  5. Oh? I don't really know the mechanics or mathematics of the game. I was just doing a quick overview.
  6. This is my biggest problem with the whole thing. I don't need to render a fully interactive environment like this when I'm not going to be running around shooting and slashing things.
  7. Fang Prime swings twice in each press of "E," and has an "E" speed of 1,0. Max Power Strength Volt's Speed and Valkyr's Warcry, as well as Fury, Beserker proc'd and Quickening. If the % are all based on the original speed (dunno if this is true): 1,0 + (1,0*0,3) + (1,0*0,3) + (1,0*0,2) + (1,0*1,195) + (1,0*1,145) = 4.14 speed, which when counting the two swipes = 8.28 attack speed.
  8. First time I fell into the water during the Museum mission (defeat Penguin w/ Mr Freeze's gun), in Arkham City. No spoilers for those of you who haven't played that. Although, that was more 'startled' than scared...
  9. Boar Prime. Dat status %, fire rate, automatic fire. Also, the Sobek.
  10. Real Tank Frame. Ability 1: Stores fish. Ability 2: Stores bigger fish Ability 3: Stores Propane Ability 4: transports gasoline
  11. Yeah, I would definitely prefer if the enemy acted the same way as when you first go into invisibility. They aim for where you WERE, but you have stealth damage. I've heard people also complaining that they don't shoot where you shot from, but where you are when they recognize the shot has been fired (or any other type of damage). Power creep affects all warframes AND weapons. You can't single Loki and Ash out in this. Excal also got a massive buff when Radial Blind got 4x stealth damage for the whole team. Corrupted mods broke every frame.
  12. I don't think you understand... If all 4 Loki's are doing it, it's not annoying. They knew what they were getting into.
  13. I disagree with Zephyr and Banshee. Turbulence is incredibly useful at any level, as it deflects bullets, lasers, AND ROCKETS. Corpus can't do anything about it, Grineer heavies can't do anything about it. Also, ult has huge crowd control potential (though not impressive damage), allowing her to play a defensive team role -- keeping teammates alive with turbulence and reviving them while the enemy is distracted by tornadoes. Sonar for the 5x bonus is nice. Especially with a Nova's MP slowing down the enemies. Add in a crit and potential for headshot... 5x (sonar) * 2x (MP) * 2x (Crit,
  14. Repost for truth. How about getting charge attacks bacK? Longer charge time though -- that way, while invis, you can charge up for a 4x multiplier on a heavy attacks instead of not getting the bonus for 3 of 4 attacks, but when out of invis, it's not really worth charging up.
  15. Except that reading over any (quality) mission suggestions in Player Concepts, they're all REALLY long explanations of how everything would work. I don't think someone really wants to go over 200 pages of essays. That's why professors have TA's.
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