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My Personal Disappointments With This Updates. But Also What I Like.


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So I have been playing this update for a little while now.

And so far I am somewhat disappointed, the amount of grinding for this update is the worst I have ever seen in Warframe.


I have done a huge amount of grinding for the egg to make a kubrow and I have get to get one, I have done 50+ runs for it. On top of that you need to create the incubator core and that takes not only 50,000 the blueprint + 100,000 to craft it plus the argon crystal and the eight hours for the thing to craft plus the two days for the incubation for the kubrow and then we have the yet unknown amount of time needed for it to the mature. I understand needing for it to take some but this... this is just insane...


Then we have the new frame, cool mind you but such a grind fest. You have to create the quest and to make that you need to farm these new parts from the vaults, and you need six hours to craft that once you have farmed the new parts. Once you have farmed the quest and crafted it you need to get the three parts, on the up side your guaranteed these parts BUT you get them one at a time, you need to craft the first before you can get the next. This wastes a huge amount of time and could be used to level up the frame it self.


You could spend hours upon hours grinding and crafting all this stuff or you could pay a small fee in the way of platinum to buy the stuff you want or rush the construction! Too me this smells like DE trying to get people to spend more money.


I have never complained about anything in Warframe but this is where I draw the line... This is just insane, unfair and not needed in any way.


The features themselves are great, but the way you get these features needs a 100% rework.

I don't have the time to farm and grind all this stuff, I really want the Kubrow but I will not pay plat to get there.


DE, I expected better. I know you can do better. Fix your mistakes, listen to your community.

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Agreed. The egg is nigh nonexistent in the game and but honestly I didn't have that much trouble with the Mirage quest. The riddles were a challenge but fun overall.

The quest it self is fine... but crafting the frame... And needing to craft a quest?! I mean come on...

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Exactly. Waiting 6 hours to craft a quest is silly. I want to add the new, incredibly clunky UI to the list of grievances. The last UI just needed slight tweaking to be perfect, but this one is a mess. The last rounds of UI updates seem to really be style over user-friendliness. 

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