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New Weapon Type


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Heavy assault

Note* These weapons will disable running and all acrobatics while equpit -held in hand-


Weapon one Gatling gun-you know it, you love it, massive amounts of bullets being unloaded froma  slow walking position, unending unyeilding bullets ripping through targets. You dont' like gatling guns? whats wrong with you! :) Besides, who doesnt' love a gatling gun with exploding bullets!


Balista-we've seen plenty of bows, but this heavy weapon is for the silent tenno on the go. Got a heavy with a lot of sheilds, no problem! Pin them to the wall...no that wall..no the one two miles away.  The balista has two fire mods, free fire, walking enabled, and turrent mode. Set up a heavy defensive line with a rapid fire mod. Giving up mobility, for fire rate. The ballista fires high peircing/armor puncture javalin sized bullets that will pin multiple appoents to walls, and leave holes in those to big to pull.


Mobile Artilary-the slowest of the trio the Mobal Artilary, or M.A. for short, fires off a massive shell imbuned with fire and explosions...oh wait thats normal for explosions. Modify this shell to fire off lectricy and crossive, and make a mobile elemental bomb! Note* that mobile artiliary is a stationary weapon, and that while using, the tenno will set down the device and target via a small ridicle moving along the ground. M.A. is a garuntee'd effect weapon, as such, its impact damage is rather low. For best use, Gas...lots and lots of deadly gas.


So this is my idea for heavy assault style weapons/defense weapons. I feel that Warframe is lacking any real 'turrent' based weapon, and these would be kinda fun. And for anyone who says 'this doesnt' feel like warframe' your sitting, defendinga pod. We have turrents, their called sentinels, i want a bigger one >:)

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