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my issues with chat:

making groups using the old 1999 chat with no way to right-click other players names to inv directly out of chat is tedious, instead you have to scroll through and find them, its a bit annoying.


also its a little rough to manage 20 messages when  you have to click the arrows to scroll left and right to go through them all, it would be nice if messages showed up as another color in chat or if the chat window that you can pull the tabs out and separate them across the screen.


other then that old chat window still existing, this update is pretty awesome.

Thank You for your hard work DE cant wait to see whats next! maybe the golf warframe? :)

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Made a suggestion in the other thread, I think this could solve quite a bit about spam and invitations:


First and foremost we need a better invite system, I think letting everyone into some sort of a queue and having the host pick whomever he/she chooses from a list would be the best way, and so the hosts wont have to sort out 50-60 private messages they're getting spammed with after saying something like "Hosting T4S 1 spot left". It'd be pretty easy to implement, DE would only have to let anyone "join" a squad with a certain command instead of making the host invite them, then those who have joined will have faded names unlike the real squad members until they're approved by the host, and the rest is auto-kicked when the mission starts after host is done picking squad members.


Same thing could of course be implemented as trade invitations or even auctions on whatever you're selling.




What I hate most about the new chat window though, is that it's quite messy compared to the old one, it doesn't switch to Squad when I join a team, it remains open after sending a message at times when I don't want it to.


And especially the popup invites are incredibly annoying, I really loved the old small popup invites on the bottom of the screen with a link-like thingy you could click on, they could've improved that at least, like allow multiple smaller popup links that slide on top of each other everytime you get an invite or something :/

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