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U14 Bugs Here! Lets Gather Em All!


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Please, only bugs, not complaints...

I ll start!


Kubrow quest is broken... Lotus was like: Congrats you found an egg, when in reality i, didn't... And even though I have a Kubrow now, it still keeps on being there... Like this:


Vors Prize: Please give it to everyone. I take this as a bug, because in U13, prior, you could replay the prologue, why not now? Just give the quest to everyone... Pop window: replay the prologue? yes/no... :D


One little thing: Mercury... Them missions just don't want to be unocked... I don't know if the are part of a quest, I don't care really... I cant put an extractor there, and this makes me mad...



Arsenal teleporting works only partially... You end up facing the wall and cannot rotate... 


That's all from me... Any other issues? Poste em here! 

Great update otherwise guys...

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Any quest mission can break that requires you to get something from the mission.  


If the host DCs at the end of mission and you're returned to the menu without rewards, the quest just assumes you finished it, even though you never did.


I'm currently stuck right after the start of the kubrow quest for the ship segment.  Host DCs end of mission and I never got the part, but now my ship won't STFU about me installing the ship segment that i don't effing have.

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