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Found A Few Bugs/problems (So Far)


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-Vor's Prize Mission: Quest does not show up or give location, nor start up


-Solo Pausing: Seems they've removed Pausing Option in solo matchmaking


-A few survival quests: I did not get a extraction point at anytime, during the mission, also recieved no prizes each 5mins


-Segments: Can aquire different segments without have a quest, which could most likely effect other quests further within the game


These are common problem and bugs...hope DE can fix and tweak them as fast as possible ^.^ becuz for me...this is not fun if i can't play the storyline :c all i do now is keep an eye on alerts and thts it.


What would love to be seen in Warframe:


-Unstuck command: for players who do not get reset by falling off map.


-Healing Weapon: I mean, Trinity does need a new toy? Right?


-(Optional) Enemies Drop Buffs: Like Increase Attack, Spd, Def, etc.


Anywho...I want to know what u guys think of these things as well as if u have these bugs or problems :)


Happy Hunting Tennos :D

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