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Delayed Enemy Spawns


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So,I started the E Prime exterminate mission on Earth but there were no enemies.The extraction icon immediately appeared on my minimap and as I reached extraction it dissapeared and the enemy icon apeared on my minimap.When I got to the location there were enemies,despite there being none when I passed through there.This happened multiple times in the same mission,I kill the enemies,minimap points me to extraction and when i reach it,enemies spawn again.
Pictures below for better clarification:

A few seconds later:

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Yeah until 2-3 minutes they tend not to come in. Still I managed to get to 10 minutes however it wasn't that easy, used 2 of those pods in first 5 minutes.


What I find worse is the amount of those annoying farting birds. I had to use 4 revives as I was out of energy as Nyx and they crowded entire pod (quite hard to hit as they fly fart every 2 seconds) after an annoying host migration :/

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