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A Slightly Different Kubrow Bug.


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Aside from all these people out there having their Kubrows disappearing left and right I have found something interesting for all of you still waiting for your Kubrows to incubate.


So the egg had hatched inside the incubator when I logged on today and the fella was just laying there, understandably so, it's still just a baby I shouldn't disturb it yet, and neither is there any button prompt allowing me to.


Or so I thought before I accidentaly pressed R instead of W to move around in my ship when I was facing the incubator but wasn't close enough for the "press X" prompt to appear, which caused this to happen out of the blue:



And since that one missclick he or she has.. uh.. made itself at home it'd seem, not even caring about the incubator glass anymore:



And so I have now forsaken myself to play with the little bugger before I'm even supposed to be able to, and I also found this graphical bug while doing so: (caused by standing really close to the wall and pressing R)



So.. impatient kubrow owners without platinum, Rejoice! You can enjoy the company of your baby-brow a full day earlier than expected by simply "reloading"!


And just one more image of the adorableness for good measure...:


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