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When We Will Get The "merch Store" ?


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We don't have one right now, do we?


I've seen people suggesting so many times plushies of Warframes, enemies and Companions.

I've seen people suggesting so many times great T-shirts, hoodies, panties, clothes in general. (DE even made a topic about it, did they not? which one was chosen?)

This game has great and beautiful images moments for posters, and the Lore is good enough to make a book mini-series and special posters, like how does Zanuka look like inside. (kinda like the turret loading screen in Portal)

And even "toys" like that Excalibur one, a Liset to display in your room, Deathcube alarm, it plays the shooting sound until you press the button, or a Moa desk lamp, even Weapon replicas, who wouldn't want a Glaive or one Brakk?


You can easily hire people/companies to make most of this thing... I know that is not that easy to make this... but... we have Warframe for almost two year now, we need a store.

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plushies of Warframes, enemies and Companions

 Moa desk lamp

Deathcube alarm

when I can buy all of these here, I will throw my wallet at DE, then proceed to roll around on the floor like a two year old with a new stuffed toy.

Yes, but those take time and money to make. The topic asked when we will we get a merch store. I provided a link to the current merch store because there is one. I do agree it needs more.

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