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Kubrow Stuck Asleep, Unable To Interact


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ok so yesterday i posted about an issues with the kubrow eggs



the whole, ''congrats you have an egg'' when i didint have one, confused lotus and ortis saying i have an egg and then i dont, so instead of waiting for the bugs to be fixed, well, recognized, and then fixed who knows what they will correct in the next hotfix probs nothing i want lol


so instead of hunting an egg and having the same stupid messages after and waiting for fix, i just bought a starter kit, was cheap enough and it meant i could not play for 2-3 days while the doggy was maturing and i can avoid playing with all the bugs, 


but now after having her start the maturing thing it was fine, she was all cute ''siela'' that is my sakuni dogg or whatever them name is haha, she was all cute and energetic and puppy like, but then around an hour or 2 later, AFTER the hotfix, now shes stuck asleep, 


like i try to interact, the screen sorta ''trys'' to do the animation of like the petting but it cuts out within a half second and the dogs still asleep, 


so the hotfix, has bugged, something i paid for to unbug, tooo toooooooo annoying

anyyone else have this problem also, if i dont wanna play while the fixes are being made, do i have to put dog in stasis or will the maturing process keep her all safe safe ? 



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